The beginning of a perfect weekend...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Friday afternoon, just before 5:30, we pulled out of the Sowell home and headed into the sunset to Meridian.

We had plans with the Mr's family later than evening to have dinner at...

And this little niece was more than excited to see her Uncle Terry...

I think these three were a little more excited to talk to me... =)

And after we all had finished our dinner, we went outside to say our goodbyes, til next time.

Once the Mr and I left Kems, we headed out to my parents house where we were greeted with by this cutie...

She was so excited to see luggage being brought in the house — because that meant we were staying for awhile!!

The next couple of posts will be all about our perfect weekend, so stay tuned for more! =)
Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!!

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