the Friday five...

Friday, October 5, 2012

the Sowell life's Friday five...

• We finally got our MSU wreath hung on the front door to go with our maroon mums! And we are more than ready to watch our dawgs play Saturday...even if it is on TV. GO STATE, GO STATE!!!

• We found our fall/halloween tubs and have some fall decor out around the house. It doesn't hurt that they are also made of burlap and have a touch of maroon on them. =)

• And speaking of halloween... the Mr and I have been up in the air about halloween night. Do we pretend we aren't home? Or do we buy $$$ of candy to pass out to the multitudes of neighborhood children? We haven't fully decided, but just in case we bought some candy. And we made sure to buy the "good kind" in case we decide to hide out in the man room downstairs that night. =)

• It's finally blanket weather at night here at the Sowell home. And fleece blankets are the best. The Mr has threatened to get me a "snuggie" for many years, but I can't resist my snuggly fleece blanket!!

• We get to visit with family and friends this weekend. And by family I mean immediate family, aunts and uncles, and cousins! And I can't think of a better reason to get together to celebrate! Don't worry, you'll see blog posts soon... I promise! =)

Our wish for you this weekend: get out there and have fun! Live a little, and spend it with the ones you love most!


  1. I am SO obsessed with your wreath! I still have my spring/summer one up because I can't find a new one I like.

  2. Love those pumpkins!!! I need to get our our fall decor this weekend!!!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!

  3. Your front door looks awesome! Super fall and welcoming :-)

  4. i'm a UGA fan, so GO DAWGS still works!! ;)


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