Black Friday

Friday, November 23, 2012

If you are an avid "Black Friday" shopper, this post might not be for you. However, if you are one of those avid "Black Friday" shoppers... you might be thankful for me. Below is a list of why I don't attempt to "Black Friday" shop...

1) "Black Friday" shopping has been taken to a new level... a level that I think is ridiculous! Why? Because it's not the traditional Black Friday shopping anymore. Most stores are opening up on Thanksgiving afternoon to start their big "Black Friday" sales. Ummm.... hello? What ever happened to enjoying Thanksgiving Day... all. day. long.

2) Most of the "Black Friday" deals might seem pretty good... but they have about 5 of each item for the hundreds of people in line. And y'all know I'm not lying here!

3) Most, if not all the "Black Friday" deals can be found online. This is true!! And I'm not talking about "Cyber Monday" either... I'm talking you can find them online today.

4) The "Black Friday" traffic in, and out of your vehicles. Every person will be looking for a parking place, and you are likely to spend at least 30 minutes or longer in the check out line. This gives me chills!

5) "Black Friday" rudeness. After we celebrate a wonderful day of Thanksgiving, the claws come out to fight for what they said they had their hands on first, or you have people trying to butt in line in front you. This is kind of up there with bargain hunting at Hudson's or Dirt Cheap (it's just not my thing)... I'm not a digger, and I'm certainly not going to fight over a product in a store.

6) The commercials... especially the "Black Friday" Target commercials this year. What happened to our dear friend in the commercial below? I kinda miss her this year.     

So if you are out there braving the madness to find the best deals or top must haves... bless you. I'll be chilling on the couch taking naps and watching Christmas movies. Be safe out there! =) 


  1. Great post! So still in my pj's this morning!

  2. This was my first year participating in Black Friday, but I refused to leave the house before 10am. It wasn't bad for us, probably because most people were done by then. I sure do miss that Target lady.

  3. i love this post! i've never been a black friday shopping and frankly i think we should wait at least a week after thanksgiving to have a "black friday"..i mean, we JUST gave thanks for what we have in order to run out the door and trample over people to buy more?!?! i don't get it. it's a little too ironic for me;)

  4. I completely agree. There is nothing they could give me that I would wait in those lines for. And I missed that Target commercial too. The one they had was annoying!!

  5. I love Black Friday, but REFUSE to go anywhere on Thursday. I was just explaining that it's Black Friday, not Thriday. Let the day of thanks have it's day! I use my Friday as a shopping and Sister Bonding day! Hope you enjoyed your day and watched all the good Christmas movies!

  6. I am not a Black Friday shopper at all, but I loved this post! :-) And I agree, 100%.


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