Can I have some??

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Little MB loves to eat whatever you are eating whether she is suppose to have it or not. And this past week... if she wasn't in your face begging, then she was giving you those begging eyes from far away, or doing her most pitiful whine.

And yes, this little girl LOVES nerds!!! She's coming back to see us tomorrow... I wonder what she'll be begging for next. Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend so far!


  1. hahaha I couldn't resist those gorgeous brown eyes!

  2. A dog who loves Nerds?! Wow, that's new to me! Our cat apparently loves to eat anything left out, though, so I am getting pretty good at cleaning up the kitchen right after meals and being more selective in her treats. Otherwise our leftovers wouldn't last so long!

  3. Cute dogs leave me powerless. So cute!

  4. Aaaww...our dog makes that face while she watches me cook dinner.


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