Dear Baby Sowell - November 8th, 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012

Do you know how much you are loved, already? The answer is tons!! You make your mommy and daddy so happy just knowing you are growing like a weed inside me. Not a day goes by that your daddy and I haven't thanked your creator day and night for this special gift He has given us.

This week, we were able to see you for the first time. You have no idea what a great joy it was to see you. And to see your little heart beating away. The tech said your heart rate was 145 and that it was perfect and right on the money for where you are suppose to be at the moment. It doesn't matter what she said though, because to me you are already perfect.

This may sound strange, but I can already feel you growing inside me. The dr said all the mild cramping is you stretching and growing and that I"ll experience this for quite awhile. And that all of this growing is what is making mommy so tired. As it was said to me... "growing a little person is hard work." But I'm so happy to have this special job of housing you and protecting you until you are ready to make your arrival in June! So grow and stretch away, because it won't be long before you'll be growing and stretching in our arms.   

We go back to the dr the first week of Decemeber and I can't wait to actually hear your little heart beat then. Until then... I will just daydream of last Monday as I lay there and watched your little heart beat so fast on the screen in front of us.

God has blessed your mommy and daddy with three wonderfully amazing gifts: our salvation, our marriage and now you, little one. He had a very special plan for your mommy and daddy's lives and we are so blessed that He wanted us to have YOU. We couldn't ask for anything more!! 


  1. I so miss the sound of that heartbeat. Just so you know, you can buy or even rent a fetal dopplar. I bought one when I was pregnant because I LOVED hearing Carter's heartbeat whenever I wanted to. I got mine on Amazon and it was only like $50 or something (granted it wasn't a fancy didn't show the number of the heart rate, only the sound). An investment that paid for itself, trust me. Once you start feeling those kicks, you'll feel them all the time. And at some point, they'll stop all together. Maybe because they're sleeping or a variety of other reasons, but that dopplar was a life saver. If I went too long without feeling Carter I would use it just to make sure he was ok. I highly suggest it!

  2. This is so sweet!!! One day baby Sowell will look back and see these and smile :-)


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