Happy 8 Months!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Time flys when you're having fun, y'all! It's crazy to think that 8 months ago we were in Jamaica getting ready for our wedding day. So much excitement has happened since we said  our "I do's" and I can't imagine going through any of it with anyone other than the one and only man for me!

We did our celebrating yesterday, since we are working today and have the folks coming in this afternoon. After a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls, we headed to church to enjoy a morning of worship. To our surprise, we got to enjoy two songs played by they handbell choir. I remember playing handbells at my home church and in high school and it brought back a lot of memories! And after we got our praise on... we headed to eat. I wanted Cracker Barrel of course, but the line was out the door (10:45 mind you) so we moved on over to Ruby Tuesday's where we were one of two tables seated. Of course it didn't take long for the crowd to arrive, but we were well on our way before the massive lunch crew arrived.

After doing some light shopping and browsing, we ended up back at our sweet home Alabama to relax and rest. And that didn't last long because we both had things we wanted to get done. While the hubs changed all our door locks, I worked on dinner and husbands delight. Yes, I FINALLY got my fix.

We called it an earlier night (because I can't stay up past 9 anymore) and enjoyed snuggling up watching TV.

Thank you Mr Sowell for being the one I can't wait to share any and all my news with, for being the only one I want to crawl (or roll) into bed with (our bed is so tall that I usually roll into bed these days) and for being the one who makes everything better with just a smile and a touch. We've shared so much over the past 8 months of marriage, and in the previous years of dating and we have so SO much more to look forward to over the coming months and years. Thank you for being the man of my dreams, and then waking up to see that you are my reality!

Happy Anniversary! I love you, always! Mean it! 


  1. happy 8 months to you too!! you are right time does fly when you are having fun, keep having fun!

  2. Yay!!!! Happy 8 month-a-versary!!!!!


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