Thursday, November 8, 2012

~ I can't stop daydreaming. Hey, I've got my reasons.

~ My pandora station of choice is Mariah Carey's Holiday. Don't hate... I'm trying to get in the Christmas spirit.

~ I can't help but smile.

~ All I want to do is sleep, and this weather isn't helping.

~ I've been dying to eat some Husband's Delight (Sin, whatever you want to call it) and I will get some soon.

~ I can't seem to stay awake long enough to blog at night. Sorry y'all... I'll try to get y'all up to date soon.

~ I think we are a bit behind because we haven't bought any Christmas presents. I'm usually half way finished this time of year!

~ The Christmas commericals have been lacking so far this year. Where are the cute ones that we grow to hate?

~ I think I might let my mom put our new Christmas tree up when she come next week. Maybe by Christmas we will have the house decorated.

I'm sure I'm forgetting to tell y'all something, but hey... it's early and I could go back to sleep again right now!! Til next time y'all! Have a great Thursday!


  1. I think I may listen to some Christmas music today!!!

    I hear you on trying to stay awake! I'm so ready to go to sleep everynight by 7pm!

  2. I am right there with you! I'm off this week and you would think I am staying up at night, catching up on blogs/blogging, watching movies, etc. 10:30 I am in bed knocked out cold! HA!!!
    I've been playing The Nutcracker on my Pandora....
    Take care!!

  3. You need to hit up 96.5 on the radio. It's the Birmingham christmas station. Non-stop Christmas music from now until New Year's :)

  4. I'm going to have to check out that pandora station. I love christmas music. It takes me much self control to not put my christmas tree up before Thanksgiving-- I'm glad you are going to give in.

  5. I would love to know what the Husband's Delight is! Is sounds sinful! :)

  6. Shhh...our Christmas tree is already up. And I listened to Christmas music on the radio, too! What's wrong with spreading out the joy of the season!


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