Random Wednesday

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I have a lot of randomness to blog about today, so I thought I'd link up with Shanna and her...


But also because Sarah told me I should. =)

Now on to my randomness...

1) Tomorrow might be Thanksgiving, but I'm looking forward to four days of Thanksgiving celebrations! We get to spend it with immediate and extended family from both sides. The Mr will probably go hunting a few days and I will probably sleep - not kidding here. NO, I will not be black Friday shopping... (you'll hear more about this later). And the best part is, these maternity pants have plenty of room for the baby and some turkey and dressing! ;) So Happy Thanksgiving Eve, y'all!

2) I'm completely behind on a few things. One of those is our Christmas cards. I normally have them ordered, addressed and ready for the post office by today. And I was on track back the first of October when I decided on our card, but something told me not to order them yet. Well, two weeks later... I'm glad I didn't. I have a few ideas for our Christmas card this year with the news of our little bundle of joy growing up a storm inside of me. But y'all... I haven't done a thing about it. Slacking? Yeah, just a little. This might be the first year that our friends and family don't receive their card from us until, ummm, the day before Christmas?!?! Okay... stay away panick attack!

3) Christmas shopping... yeah that's another thing I'm completely behind on. Last year, all but two presents were bought, wrapped and under the tree before Thanksgiving. This year, the first three people were marked off the list Sunday afternoon. Thankfully our "people to buy for list" has been shortened this year. Hey, we've got the important people covered... but this little one coming in June has us saving so he or she can have the world! =)

4) I yelled at the husband last night. No, I'm not proud of it, and to be honest I'm not sure where it came from. I'm going to assume my hormones are in full swing and that added with pure exhaustion and my body aching... it just came out. And it was over the dryer, y'all. So... Mr Sowell, please forgive my outburst out of no where last night. You've been nothing short of wonderful, and are being extra thoughtful throughout this pregnancy... I promise I've noticed and I appreciate it more than you'll ever know. I love you, and I mean it, always!!

5) Christmas movies... remember I blogged about it a few posts ago and you can find it here. Well, I marked one off the list last weekend. Shhhh.... the husband really didn't think it was a "Christmas movie," so he let me watch it... before December! LOL It was Love Actually and it just happened to be on HBO Saturday afternoon. And I've seen teasers that Four Christmases will be on Friday afternoon. That's right honey... you go and have fun hunting because this little momma will be watching Christmas movies! ;)

Well, I hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday. If you are traveling to see family and friends like we are... be careful and have a Happy Thanksgiving. I have some scheduled posts coming over the next couple of days, but then I'll be taking a break til next week. So until then y'all... eat lots of turkey!!


  1. You are in good company, Joy! I am so behind as well! If I don't get my Christmas out by Sunday, I will not get it done! I'm learning that it will be okay. Hormones are fun, right? At least you have a wonderful husband like mine that probably rolls with it. Bless them! Get some rest, eat some great dinners, and get your shop on! Everything will come together, and if not, life will go on! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Girl, we can be behind together! No cards and shopping is slacking. I am really starting to stress!! Enjoy your time with family!! Thanks a million for linking up!!

  3. I am so behind too!!! No Christmas cards, no presents, no list for the presents.....oh well, we'll get to it...eventually


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