Random Wednesday

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Randomness seems to be my theme these days, and thanks to Shanna I now don't feel guilty about sharing my crazy randomness with y'all!

1) Driving home in the dark from work is now enjoyable. Why? It's so much fun to see all our neighbor's Christmas decorations lit up from the inside out. Plus, with the XM Holiday station on full blast... it just makes you smile. And Monday night, I heard my favorite Christmas songs back to back. And that, y'all, makes any traffic jam worth it!

2) My mom took some pictures of the Mr and I over Thanksgiving. Let's just say none of those will make our Christmas card. The Mr looked great, as always, but this little momma looked pretty worn out. I'm pale, my face looks like I'm back in Jr High, and my roots are at least two inches. I'm more than happy to look this way for our little one who is growing leaps and bounds inside of me. However, the next time we attempt to take the Christmas card pic... it will be right after I wake up, have a nice long shower and put make up on. Want proof (because I want to keep it real with y'all)... well this is the best one out of all the ones she took. And yes, that's my little pregnant belly at 10 weeks. =) And, I have no clue why my hair was looking red. Trust me, it's all brown and gray at the moment. And will stay that way until sometime after the New Year when I feel it's safe to get it colored.

3) I've done some Christmas shopping, online that is. And I have a feeling all our Christmas shopping will be done this way. Cyber Monday had some good deals that started Sunday afternoon and lasted through Tuesday... so that helped us check off a few more folks off our list. And not only did they have good deals on the products... they offered free shipping. That's a win win for me!

4) Cooking... when I feel like cooking that is, I seem to be in a routine rut. I need some new inspiration for some easy and quick meals. I think the Mr would appreciate it, too. He said he loves everything I cook, but I feel like I'm serving him the same thing over and over again. Have any suggestions? Any blogs that I need to follow who have great recipes? I already follow Plain Chicken... she has some great recipes, but we are already using some of them in our weekly meals. And no chili recipes, please. The Mr said no chili again for a long time. Mainly because it made us both sick the last time I cooked chili cheese fries. And btw, I could go for a huge plate of those right now. =)

Well, that's about all of my randomness for this Wednesday. 


  1. Love the pictures! I think you look great!!

    PW is always my first choice for good recipes! Or Tasty Kitchen

  2. Cyber Monday stresses me out...I actually have to physically walk into a store to make most of my purchases. And I am in a cooking rut too...Pinterest helps. And yay for Christmas lights going up!! I need to get my hubs on ours!! Thanks for linking up!!

  3. You may think that isn't a great picture....but I LOVE it!!! I think you're so beautiful in it and I love that teeny baby bump!


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