Thankful Thursday

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's November y'all! Okay, I'm not meaning that y'all didn't already know this... but seriously y'all... it's NOVEMBER! So this Thankful Thursday theme is all about why I'm thankful for November.

I'm linking up with Ryan today for another week of...

Loved and Lovely

{I'm thankful it's November} for the simple fact that we have so so much to be thankful for. The blessings he has bestowed upon us are far greater than I could have ever imagined!

{I'm thankful it's November} because my calendar is full of sweet happenings all month long — with the most important coming up on Monday.

{I'm thankful it's November} because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. 

{I'm thankful it's November} because even though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, the house will be decorated before Thanksgiving Day. (Don't judge!)

{I'm thankful it's November} because that means turkey and dressing is coming soon. Oh and sweet potato casserole, and pecan pies, and vegetables. Can next week be Thanksgiving? I'm hungry.

{I'm thankful it's November} because we get to see a lot of family members this month. 

{I'm thankful it's November} because the time change happens this weekend. I've been in the bed by 8 most every night so with it getting darker outside... I might go to bed even earlier! =)

{I'm thankful it's November} so the Halloween commercials will end. Sorry y'all, but Halloween isn't in my top five of holidays.

{I'm thankful it's November} because of all the traditions it brings. And I can't wait to make some new ones with my family this year.

 What are you most excited about this November?


  1. :-) This will also be the first Thanksgiving in your new home!

  2. November is one of my favorite months as well! I'm ready to put up the tree in between bites of my grandmother's turkey and dressing!

  3. I've already been told by my mom that this year my dad and lil broski want chocolate chip cookies at thanksgiving. My mom's response... "I'm not making cookies for thanksgiving..." Brother "Sis will make them for me." LOVE FAMILY TIME!!!!

  4. love me some november! great list this week! i'm definitely getting excited for thanksgiving food and decorating for christmas!! thanks for linking up and happy weekend!!

  5. i love november too for all the tradition!! great list you made and a great way to start off the month! have a wonderful weekend


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