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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Call me crazy, but since October 14th... things have changed a bit in our world. And all for the better I might add! =)

{Hawaiian Punch} I'm sure every pregnant lady deals with caffeine intake differently. However, the Mr and I decided to forgo all caffeine in the form of liquids. (Yes, my dr told me I could have a cup a day, but I decided to just quit it cold turkey.)  And we also decided against diet drinks in general with the artificial sweeteners. So now... my drink choices are water, sprite and hawaiian punch. Of course water and hawaiian punch are the main winners with the punch mainly being consumed in the am and water the rest of the time. And I will openly admit that I'm really missing my diet pepsi fix in the mornings, but I think giving it up is kinda small considering this amazing gift He has given us. Plus, the Mr has promised to have me one rather large diet pepsi upon delivery. =)

{Sleep} How come you never see those chicks in the movies saying they are so tired when they are pregnant? Because seriously, I had no clue I would be this exhausted all the time. The Mr is loving my sleepiness because that means early, early bedtimes. And y'all, my head doesn't even hit the pillow before I'm out. And I'm pretty sure I would and could sleep throughout the entire night except for all the bathroom calls and the 4 am hunger pains for food. I've yet to give in to that 4 am hunger attack, but rest assured as soon as I do get up breakfast soon follows. And all the books and websites I've read says naps are a must. Well, apparently all those pregnant folks didn't have outside of the home jobs because it's kinda hard to nap at the work place. But have no fear, the weekends revolve around naps. =)

{Eating} And honestly, I think the baby is loving it more than I am. I've only had a few cravings, but when I'm hungry - I'm hungry!! Better to put it this way... when I'm hungry, I better eat within a few minutes or I get sick. So eating is now pretty important these days. I never use to eat breakfast, and now not only do I eat breafkast, but I have a snack between breakfast and lunch, and after lunch I have a snack around 3ish or I do not make it til supper. From what everyone is telling me... the baby gets the benefits from the food I'm eating first and whatever is left over... I get. So we decided to up my intake of food to keep me from getting sick at my stomach, and so far... fingers crossed... it's working.

{My Nails} If you have ever met me, you know I do not have long fingernails, until now. I've never kept them long because growing up, I would either bite them or they stayed short because I played the piano. Well, you wouldn't recgonize these nails now. I seriously have to file them down at least every other day. They are strong and beautiful. Apparently, it's from all those vitamins the dr has me taking every day. (Yes, 3 horse pills to be exact.) The Mr laughes at my face when I take them. I've had worse tasting pills, but these are just massive and I take them one after the other before I leave the house in the mornings. Now if I can just take time, or stay awake long enough to go get a mani/pedi to enjoy the benefits of these beautiful nails.

{Pajama Pants/Elastic Waist Bands} I probably don't really need to go in to much details here, but I will enlighten you. The waist line is nearing its end for the next few months, and pants that have buttons and zippers are not comfortable, at all. I can still get most of them buttoned and zipped, but I'm coming right back out of them as soon as I try to move or breathe. The baby is getting bigger, and it looks like momma might me, too. And I'm perfect fine with that because that means we are going to have one rather healthy baby come June! 

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  1. This is an awesome post! I love hearing how much your life has changed!


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