9 months and counting...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nine months ago we vowed to spend our lives together in good times and bad. And, while we have experienced both of those, seems more of the bad over the past two weeks, we know that our marriage and love is strong enough to handle anything that comes our way.

Here are nine things that we love that y'all might not have guessed, or some you might already know...

1) We love to watch the Family Feud and The Newlywed Game... and we both agree that we would take the win every show if we were contestants.

2) We sit down and have meals together at our table every day. Whether it's lunch or dinner, we dine together at the table.

3) We love to spend time doing stuff together — shopping, watching TV, cooking, even doing laundry... we still do it together.

4) We have lunch together almost every day. Most of the time we come home to enjoy lunch, but occasionally we take ourselves out to McAlisters or Wendy's.

5) We both are obsessed with Reese's Peanut Butter Christmas Trees! And this is not even something to take lightly. Seriously, it's our favorite treat, ever!

6) We both love the fact that we got married in Jamaica! The wedding is about the groom and the bride, and that's exactly what we had... it was all about us.

7) We can't keep a surprise from each other. Although we are getting better about it, we still tease each other and usually end up spilling the beans a least a day earlier than we planned.

8) We both love to snuggle before we go to sleep and when we wake up... however, we don't like to be touched while we are sleeping.

9) We both agree, and are so happy that we said goodbye to Facebook over 3 months ago. It's so nice to focus on us and our life and not everyone else's life. We haven't missed it, and honestly don't plan on going back.

Happy 9 months to us Mr. Sowell. We knew our life would be full of memories both good and bad, but I'm so thankful we are experiencing these moments in life, together. Here's to a million more moments together, and a lifetime full of good times and yes, even the bad. I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I'll love you forever, always!


  1. You guys are adorable! Happy nine months to you! :)

  2. Y'all are such a great example of marriage!

    PS Phil and I are obsessed with those Reese's trees too!

  3. Happy 9 months of bliss and love! It is so nice to not spend time with the one you love, but to actually enjoy it as well! May you have many more years of happiness and health!


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