I remember when... Christmas Edition

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I did one of these posts back in October... but with Christmas just around the corner, I'm starting to remember when, even more!

... the Christmas holidays came and got out of school, we would go to Movie Gallery and rent movies almost everyday. You never knew if the movie you wanted would be rented or not. It was always an adrenaline rush as soon as you walked through the door.

... mom would make sweet potato pies for the neighbors and we would deliver them, hot.

... Santa Clause the movie came on every Christmas Eve night. Mom and dad would let us watch it, and then we immediately had to get in the bed.

... I would walk, okay maybe run down the stairs to see what Santa had put out for us. After mom and dad had made us wait for the fireplace to get going good... Umm Hmm...

... our Christmas tree had a lot of red foam apple ornaments when we were growing up because mom was a teacher. Our dog at the time, Bo, kept a red mouth because he would always eat at least one a year.

... we had to wait for dad to get out of the woods on Christmas Eve before we could eat dinner and open gifts with mom's side of the family.

... every Christmas tin would be opened to see what goodies mom had made and snuck away for us to not find. Yet, we seemed to find them every time. The first tin to go... sausage balls!

... we would watch the Walt Disney World's Very Merry Christmas Parade on Christmas morning. I wonder if they still have it on tv Christmas morning?

... the neighbors would make us homemade bread and deliver it hot, right out of the oven. Hoping they do again this year!

... I thought Christmas Eve night would never end so it would be Christmas morning. Now I want it to last hours longer so we can get more sleep. Funny how things change over time.

What do you remember most about Christmas pasts??


  1. What great and fun memories you have! We also wake up in the wee hours of the morning to see what Santa left us. Middle would always sneak down before anyone else even though we made a pack that whoever woke up first should wake every one up. She still does this! Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories! Hope your weekend is going well!

  2. Awww what a great post. My favorite thing about Christmas morning was the stockings. I loved my stocking surprises!


  3. I was just thinking about this the other day! Every time I hear Christmas music, I think back to when I was young. My older sister has a huge mirror in her room, so all three of us would go in her room, wait for the radio to play Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve Sarajevo (because you know back then, you waited with anticipation for your song, with your fingers on the play and record button on the tape player, hoping to get it on tape), and we would pretend to be the orchestra directors. Most of the time though, even if we weren't at home and we heard the song, our arms would go UP and we would direct!


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