My Work Christmas Party 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

On December 15th, we were treated to a wonderful party hosted by my boss at Legacy Clubhouse in Greystone. Everyone from our office came and brought their spouse. The evening started with cocktails outside by the fire, and then we retired back inside for a delicious dinner.

As I mentioned in an early post, I had a vision the week of the party to have a frame with mistletoe hanging from the top for fun pictures of my co-workers and their spouse/special someone. While I'm not a craftsman, one of the guys in the back is. He asked me what I was looking for, and the day of our party, he sends me a picture text while I was getting a mani/pedi to see if he "got it right?" Well, he nailed it! And he even made me more for my home because I loved it so much. Well... more without the mistletoe.

So while everyone was outside enjoying the fire, the Mr and I were taking pictures of all the guests with the mistletoe. And by far, this is my favorite of the night...

BTW, this is Richard, and his wife Gwen. When I told them to get their smooches on... she told him "do it and you die!" HA... and I snapped this photo right after she said it.

Of course two of our sales reps are single... ladies, let me know if you are interested. =) And the ladies of the office said we would take pictures with them so they had a picture from the night.

And speaking of ladies... they are such a blessing to work with, and a hoot, too!

Once it was time for dinner, everyone took to their seats to be served... we made our selections earlier that week... filet or redfish with crabmeat.

While we waited on our dessert, I snapped couple shots of everyone... and here is ours.

And dessert was just what the Mr loves... a hot brownie with ice cream! 

And my girl Heidi received the employee of the month, complete with a Sephora gift card (which I may or may not have had anything to do with the store that gift card came from... HA!) I'm pretty sure she was a little surprised... she even cried a bit when our owner gave his speak and the gift card to her!

And speaking of our owner... He truly is one of a kind. And his wife, Kay, is precious! They both are so down to earth, and love to have a good time.

Before we left for the evening, the Mr and I snuggled up to the cozy fireplace to warm up before our drive home...

The Mr and I both agreed that this was the best work Christmas party we have ever attended. And Thomas says next year will be bigger and better than this year's. Is it December 2013, yet?! =)

Does your company have Christmas parties? What are some of the fun things y'all incorporate to make it memorable?


  1. These pictures are wonderful! What a great idea to have the frame :)

  2. I work in a restaurant and they open the bar for us with music. I am not a big drinker but everyone else gets their drink on!

  3. I love the frame! What an adorable need a pin button so I won't forget it :) Maybe you do, I'll have to look now! I'm your newest follower, cute blog!

  4. The food looks great, the party fun, and the mistletoe frame was a hit! Great job, Joy!

  5. Y'all are such a gorgeous couple! This looks like a fabulous company party; I wish we did something like this. I love your personal touch on the picture frames with mistletoe :-)


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