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Sunday, December 16, 2012

We've had a full weekend. I'm thinking we need to go back to work to rest. Well, maybe over the holidays we can catch up on some much needed rest!

Friday after work, neither one of us felt like cooking, so we decided to have a date night at home with some take out from O'Charley's....

Saturday morning I woke up early, just had a lot on my mind. And since I couldn't go back to sleep, I decided I would surprise the Mr with breakfast in bed. However, he woke up right about the time it was done...

Saturday would have been week 13 of our pregnancy if we still had our baby. And I'll be honest, this might have been the hardest day for me since we found out that Thursday. At 13 weeks, our dr had told us some things I could incorporate back into our lives. One being getting my hair colored for the first time since the first of September. Even though I could have gotten my hair colored for the past two weeks, I just really hadn't felt like it. But I finally made an appt this past week, and y'all it was needed...

My stylist is great, however, as soon as I walked in she said "well girl it's been awhile." And then I broke down. I cried the entire time because I couldn't stop thinking about how things would have been now if our baby was still growing inside of me.

I miss it, and honestly Saturday was the first day I screamed out... "IT'S NOT FAIR! I WANT those feelings back, I'm NOT suppose to be feeling this way right now, I'M SUPPOSE TO BE PREGNANT!" Yet, I'm not and yesterday was just a really bad day for my emotions.

Once the Mr calmed me down, I went to get a mani and pedi before my work Christmas party to try to find some Christmas spirit. I thought maybe with red toenails and fingernails that might help...

Once I was back home, we started getting ready for the company Christmas party. I tried on 8, yep 8 different dresses and finally decided on one of them. And they may or may not be still laying on our bench in front of our bed. Ooops! After we were dressed and ready to go, I realized I didn't have any shoes to go with that dress (because I was wearing tights) so we fly to Belk where I run in and grab the sales lady and purchase the first pair of boots I try on (without even asking the price).  Lucky for us, they were 50% off!

Our party was at Legacy Clubhouse at Greystone. Such a beautiful place, and perfect for our group. I had an idea this week to build a frame and have some mistletoe hanging from the frame for fun pictures with our group. (I'm the photographer for the company). However, I'm not a craftsman. Thankfully Richard got my vision and supplied me with an awesome frame. And he built me 2 more for my house! =)

The pictures turned out great, and everyone was a good sport about it. (This is our PG version of our photo). I'll have another post later in the week of our Christmas party. I only had one moment of tears at the party. Thankfully, the Mr knows how to take my mind off of it and protected me from even more breakdowns.

We slept in on Sunday to get ready for a full day of Christmas shopping. We were determined to get it done, and we did... even in the pouring down rain. Now, the wrapping has to begin!

Before making our last stop at Walmart for baking supplies, we ate at California Pizza Kitchen. However, that almost didn't happen. We walked in and were seated immediately, however 15 minutes after being seated, we got up because no one came to greet us or take our order. We didn't make it to the door before the GM stopped us and begged us not to go. She said whether we stayed for lunch today, or came back another time.... lunch/dinner was on her. After she promised us she would be taking care of us personally and we wouldn't wait long for our food, we returned to our table.

The food was delicious. And the red velvet cake... ranks right up there with The Cheesecake Factory's. We thanked Rachel for her wonderful service and the amazing food, and we were on our way to Walmart. Sigh...

I promised the Mr we wouldn't be in there long because we were exhausted. And while we were on the baking isle, I turned around to put something in the buggy and guess who I ran into? I can only imagine Mrs Claus sent him out for pecans or walnuts for her homemade cookies for the elves!!

See, I told y'all we had a jam packed weekend. Oh and I moved the Christmas card link up to Tuesday. Mainly because I haven't been at the computer all weekend, and because tomorrow is another special anniversary for me and the Mr.

How was y'alls weekend? Are you finished shopping? Hope y'all have a wonderful week!!


  1. That is a jam packed weekend! I am glad you were able to enjoy it, even if there were sad points! And how funny seeing Santa out!

  2. Hi Joy! New follower! You guys are an adorable couple and yeah for mani-pedi's! Happy Holiday to you and yours!

  3. I am in love with the frame! And I am also glad I am not the only one with shopping left to do... the Big Man himself is behind! :)

  4. So sorry you had tears this weekend but I'm so glad that you had T by your side and so many wonderful activities to distract you.! Love you Joy!

  5. Aw I'm so sorry to hear about your difficult news :(

    hehe love Santa shopping!

  6. okay, I am officially starving after this post!


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