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Thursday, December 13, 2012

When times are good, it is easy to be grateful to God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon us. But during hard times, it is often difficult to be grateful to God. Even throughout our loss, God is still God and He is still good. So, when we feel like we have struggled enough or lost more than our fair share, we can always find things to be thankful to Him for, not just in good times, but all the time.

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{I'm thankful} to have the most compassionate, and loving husband. The last two weeks have been tough. However, he is been my rock. I knew he was the perfect man for me just after two months of dating, but God continues to prove to me over and over that He chose this man for me. He knew that we would have struggles, and He made sure that my husband was strong enough to handle those struggles for the both of us. I can't give enough thanks for this man, my husband. But I promise to tell him and show him everyday just how much I love the way he loves me.

{I'm thankful} for prayers. We still get emails and texts everyday telling us that we are being prayed for. And honestly, we know y'all are praying because each day gets a tiny bit better. We've had so many ask us what they can do for us, and our only answer is to pray for us. Pray that God will mend out broken hearts, that He will comfort us as we try to move forward with our lives, and pray that He will bless us with another sweet baby that we can bring into this world to love and hold for the rest of our lives. That is our prayer everyday.

{I'm thankful} for a wonderful place of employement. My office has been wonderful to me and the Mr during this time. And they continue to let us know they are there for us. Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference. None are small to us, the simple thought having people show us they care means the world to us.

{I'm thankful} for our blog readers. That's you, y'all! Without a doubt, I know I have some of the sweetest friends in this blog world. Y'all have helped to keep my spirits up with your Christmas posts, holiday recipes, and your travels. It's a sweet relief to know that I have y'all to keep me smiling when the only thing I feel like doing is crying.

{I'm thankful} that the holidays are around the corner. No, we aren't finished shopping, and the Mr hasn't even started wrapping the presents we do have... but it will be nice to spend time with our family and friends for a few days. Now if those days will just stretch out and last as long as they can!

{I'm thankful} to run into my dentist from 3 years ago, who use to travel from Jackson everyday to work at North Hills Dental. She was there for a year and we would always cut up and had the best conversations. Last night as we were walking in to Texas Roadhouse, she saw me and jumped out of her SUV to hug my neck. We immediately picked right up talking like we never stopped. I really feel like this was God's timing. We were talking about marriage, life and, of course, teeth, and she informed me that she had a miscarriage around this time last year. And now she has a beautiful little girl and lives HERE. After the holidays she wants us to have dinner with her and her hubs, Matthew. And she wants to share with me her emotional pains of her miscarriage over a couple of lunches to help me through ours. It's little things like this that remind me that God has a plan for everything.

{I'm thankful} for the Mr and myself getting the best night of sleep in two weeks last night. For the first time in weeks, I slept without any physical pain or discomfort. While it was still difficult to get out of bed this morning, I know the Mr and I will have a much better day today because we are well rested. Praying we have nights like this for weeks to come. Not just the sleeping part, but the pain free part. And not just for my sake , but also for the hubs sake. He told me seeing me in that much pain was too difficult to watch. Maybe the healing process has begun.

We hope y'all have a wonderful Thursday. And no matter what's going on in your life, take a moment to say thanks to Him for even the smallest things in life. Sometimes those small things make all the difference in the world.

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  1. How cool about your dentist! God's timing never ceases to amaze me. :)


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