Thankful Thursday

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Five days til Christmas... FIVE y'all! I'll admit that I'm looking forward to it being here, and well, being gone. And now I'm linking up with Ryan to let my thankfulness be known!

Loved and Lovely

{I'm thankful} that my holiday baking is done. Let me clarify... the baking that is leaving the house is finished. I did promise the Mr that I would make more goodies before the New Year for us to enjoy. But here is what my co-workers are getting to enjoy today...

{I'm thankful} the Christmas shopping is over. Well, we have one more gift to purchase for us from my grandfather (btw, we have no clue what to get and any suggestions are welcome!) but for everyone else, as Terry says... "if it ain't bought, it ain't getting bought!" And well, I tend to agree with him there.

{I'm thankful} we are about to be on our Christmas vacation. I could use some late morning sleeping, and lazy days watching TV. However, we know our days will be full because we have so many to see and visit with over the holidays. But I'm making rest priority #1!

{I'm thankful} we see our dr this morning. We are praying for my bloodwork to be where it should be (needs to be at 5 or below to be back to normal), and that she will have answers on what our next steps will be. She's been great from the start of our pregnancy, through the miscarriage and where we are now, waiting to be cleared and normal again... and everytime I have talked to her since my surgery, she is always positive that our next pregnancy will be perfect. We are hoping and praying everyday that she is right.

{I'm thankful} for my friend, Darby! We met a little over two years ago through this thing called blogging, and we've been friends ever since! I'm thankful for her friendship, love, encouraging words, and that she shares pictures of her two little cuties, Tomlin and Rooney (who I call Roo) with me and the Mr. Y'all head on over to her blog and give her some Happy Birthday love today! Happy Birthday Darbs! We hope your day is as wonderful as you are!!!


  1. Those treats look amazing!!! Makes me wish I was your coworker so I could enjoy them!!!

    I hope your doctors appointment goes well and that she will have answers for y'all! I will continue praying for you two!

  2. YUM!!! Those all look great.
    I love holiday baking. But mine never seems to end. Right when I think I am finished, someone eats something that should go to someone else. :)
    Love that you are doing Thankful Thursdays!

  3. Thanks for making me want sweets at 8AM!! Haha! They look so delicious! I might need to start my baking today!

  4. ahhhhhh The Sowells are thankful for me?!?!?!?! Wow I must be very special :-) I'm glowing! Thank you so much Joy! Praise the Lord for bringing me my sister Joy!

  5. Those treats!! I bet your coworkers loved you this am! I am thankful for Darby too, she is the sweetest!!

  6. Your treats look great! I'm so glad you are making rest a priority! I plan to do the same! Good luck with your grandfather's gift! I got mine a pocket knife one year and boxers this year! Ha!


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