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Friday, December 14, 2012

the Sowell life's Friday five...

• Y'all know how much I love Christmas cards, and if you want to know why... click here. This week we have received more cards, and I get so excited when the Mr hands me the stack. But also, I'm just a sucker for cards in general. I can spend hours in Target picking out different ones for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. And most of the time, the recipients get at least two for any occasion. Anyhoo, here are the cards we received this week. And stay tuned... I'll be hosting a Christmas card link up on Monday to say Merry Christmas to our bloggy friends! Plus, I can't wait to see everyone's Christmas cards.... Christmas cards are my absolute favorite! And yes, I know I've already said that!

• Last night was breakfast night at our house. I always make different breakfast items for the Mr and myself. 1) Because I'm not a huge fan of cheesy browns, and he loves them. 2) Because I love pancakes! And last night's first pancake turned out to look like a Christmas tree! No I didn't mean to, and no, I'll probably never be able to make another like it! At least I got a picture to remember my short, little fat Christmas tree pancake.

• Fact: we love McAlisters Deli. Fact: we should own stock in it. Fact: we've wondered about getting a franchise because we eat there so much and there isn't one close where we live... but one less than a mile from my office. My point... we love McAlisters, since we eat there at least once a week, I've been eyeing their sweet tea Christmas ornament for weeks. Well, guess who finally got one?! Isn't it cute!!

 • To celebrate 9 months of wedded bliss, we ate at Texas Roadhouse near my office. We've been wanting to try it, and it didn't disappoint. We got so much food for not a lot of money, and my filet was delicious! Pretty sure we will try it out again!

• At work, I'm responsible for making sure our customers are happy, and we wanted to wish them a Merry Christmas... the warmest way possible. So... even though y'all aren't one of our customers (who knows maybe one day one of you will be)... please enjoy our holiday greetings from my company.

(Click the light switch to be filled with the warmest holiday wishes!)

Y'all have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend! We've got a busy one ahead, but should be a fun one! What are y'all up to this weekend?


  1. I LOOOVE Christmas cards! I just did NOT get on the ball this year to get any out. Or last year. :) But next year, I'm DETERMINED!

    Texas Roadhouse is the BEST. It's so cheap, and the food is always delicious. If you like spicy, try the Rattlesnake Bites (a stuffed jalapeno-ish kind of dish... so good).

  2. I LOVE McAlisters tea as well! My favorite, is how thye come and refill ALL the time. I literally could stay there all day.

  3. What a fun Friday Five! I can't wait to open our mailbox each day! I love getting cards as well! Your pancakes look amazing and that McAlister's sweet tea ornament is too cute!

    I would love to say that we are going to rest and relax, but I would totally be kidding. Finishing up some homemade Christmas presents is what we will be doing! Hope your weekend is great!

  4. Love the Friday Five - such a fun way to share a snapshot of your life.


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