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Friday, December 21, 2012

Every year I have high hopes of what I hope to accomplish at Christmastime. And usually one of those hopes become reality... well... most of my 2012 Christmas hopes just didn't happen.

This is our first Christmas as Alabamians. And, it was also suppose to be our first Christmas as expectant parents. Well... since that last part was taken from us, our Christmas festivities have been slim to none. With the exception of my work Christmas party (which you'll read more about in my next post) and the little holiday baking that I did get accomplished for work, I'm just happy that by this time next week our house will be back to somewhat normal and we will gearing up for 2013.

Now, here is a list of things I wanted to do during the 2012 Christmas season. And to this date, none of them have been accomplished.

1) Riding through the neighborhoods looking at all the Christmas lights.

2) Spend time wrapping our presents to family and friends with more than pre-made stick on bows.

3) Bake goodies and deliver them in cute Christmas tins to our neighbors.

4) Watch at least one Christmas movie a week.

5) Set the table with our new Christmas china, and have a beautiful centerpiece.

6) Have a Christmas dinner party.

7) Enjoy a Christmas date with the Mr. This would be complete with dinner, seeing a movie at the theater, and #1 (riding through the neighborhoods looking at all the Christmas lights).

8) Host a Christmas card link up on my blog. And y'all I already had a name and everything picked out for it... "From our blog to yours..." (I'm still trying to get this one accomplished before Christmas).

Does anyone else have high hopes and dreams and then feel like poo because they didn't get accomplished?! Maybe next Christmas I'll do a better job and plan our December better. Come to think of it, maybe one of those Erin Condren Life Planners is what I'm needing. I know it's 11 months away, but y'all start reminding me in November to "get with it!"

Y'all enjoy this video... it may be two years old, but I love all the lights set to music! And no, I will never attempt to add this to our list for Christmastime. We will leave this to the professionals! ;)


  1. I sympathize with this sentiment! Maybe next year is a good idea, gives us something to look forward to, right?

  2. Girl... I know exactly what you mean. Every year, I like to think that I'll be better and more-prepared. And I NEVER am. :)

  3. I totally sympathize. I don't even have a wreath on my front door this year (I know, I know). I had such high hopes, but finals and birthdays and I had pneumonia and the littles had the flu and I'm just feeling like Scrooge this year.

  4. Well, great minds do think a like. You know what is really bad, as I posted all that I wanted to do in my dining room Friday, I had actually taken it all down on Wednesday. We are currently in Mississippi, and I thought Santa may get confused as to where to deliver our gifts. Ha!

    Enjoy your Christmas! May it be Merry and Bright and full of blessings! Love ya!

  5. aww sweetie! I could totally write one of these lists myself!
    but you know what? You got your Christmas cards out, and they were GORGEOUS!, which is something more than I got done :(
    I feel like a guilty tool.
    I always get a big case of the Christmas let-downs!


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