A little randomness on Wednesday

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hello Wednesday... what took you so long to get here?

A little randomness going on with the Sowell life...

1) We kinda slacked off with our meal planning towards the end of 2012. But it's back, and so far we are sticking to our calendar. I usually plan our meals on Sunday afternoons, and if we are missing something that we need to cook the meal, the Mr will run by the grocery store on his way home. So far, it's making life a lot less complicated again, and it means we are eating earlier and getting to relax more before heading to bed.

We've had chicken spaghetti (Sun), grilled burgers and homemade fries (Mon), and roast beef with vegetables (Tues). Tonight we will have roast beef sandwiches, and tomorrow night we will have homemade spaghetti and garlic bread. It's such a stress relief to know what's on the menu in advance.

2) I love photography... and I love looking back at all the photos from family events. Especially some of the ones that, well... didn't make the original post cut. #cousins #picturefail

We wanted pictures of us opening our gifts from Papaw. So I handed the camera over to Aunt Beth. And this is what happened. #triggerhappy I have no clue what was said for me to make that face, cause our gifts were "ahem"... the bomb.com.  #reallife

3) My New Year's goal is still going strong. I'm really enjoying sitting down and spending time talking to God. And I'm also enjoying rereading those prayers. Some I've received answers to, and some He's still working on. 

4) The TV shows are back which means we're having to use the DVR more than ever now. Thankfully we have Dish Hopper which means it automatically records "primetime" shows so we can watch them later in the week or during the weekend. After reading most of the tweets Monday night (which I'd say more were watching The Bachelor than the football game) I can't wait to watch The Bachelor. Honestly, I read tweets about 50 Shades of Grey, wedding dresses and old prom dresses? So, y'all got my curiosity going.

5) The Mr and I are working on our goal's for 2013. (I'll have more on this in a later post.) We are breaking them down into a month by month list and as an overall year list. I can't wait to start marking some of these off the list, and seeing progress being made on some of the things we can't wait to accomplish!

It's Wednesday y'all!! Everyday we are closer and closer to the weekend.

I'm linking up with Shanna and her Random Wednesday post.


  1. I must start meal planning. I stay so stressed about what I am making for supper. Then, I decide on something and I end up missing several ingredients. Knowing what we are eating every and knowing I have everything I need to make it would be such a stress reliever!

    LOVE the look on your face in that photo!

  2. I love that you're breaking goals down into months - I saw another blog post like that and to me, it totally makes sense! I might have to do that too starting next month! Seems like you'd be more up for keeping the goals if you break them down like that?? anyways!! I just found your blog from Shanna's link up! woot woot! yay for a new bloggy buddy!

  3. Girl we are so similar in so many ways! You're definitely me long lost sister! We also had burgers on Monday night lol

  4. You have definitely inspired me to start making weekly menus! Every single night, Kevin calls me on his way home and asks what he should pick up for dinner, and I never have a clue! Haha :)

    I always enjoy reading your posts...you are such a sweetheart! I hope you're having a good week! XO!

  5. You are amazing! Even when I try to plan ahead for meals I am never able to quite make it happen. I always ending up making too much of one meal and then we have leftovers so I don't want to cook another meal until we eat that....and so on! Your suppers look soooo yummy too : )


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