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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ever have things that just seem to bother you, and every time you see it or hear it again, it just strikes a nerve with you. Well, here are a few that drive me crazy!


— Chewing with your mouth open. Seriously, why would you do this?
1) The smacking sound alone makes me lose my appetite.
2) No one wants to see your food getting smaller and smaller.
3) It's called manners.
Did I mention how annoying that smacking sound is? And, I'm one of those people who will call you out on it, so stop it! Please.

Not using your blinker. I'm not sure why they even put them on vehicles anymore, because 90% of the folks here in Alabama do. not. use. them. I don't understand why... is it the little clicking sound that bothers you? Whatever the reason, they really should be used because it this crazy rush hour traffic that we have, it's nice to know when someone is fixin to make a move!

— Putting your makeup on in the car. And during morning rush hour at that! A couple of things:
1) Get up early enough to do this before you leave the house because I can only image what your steering wheel looks like after you've applied all that "liquid foundation" (yes, y'all, I've seen it) and I'm sure you have powder all over your shirt, too.
2) I'll be honest, I will apply lipstick in the vehicle while I'm driving, but that doesn't take my attention off of the traffic in front of me. I can't even imagine putting all my makeup on in the vehicle. I'm pretty sure I'd have mascara and eye liner everywhere but where it needs to be.

— Not sending thank you notes. Y'all know how much I love cards — I love to send them and receive them. I just can't seem to understand why people starting thinking it was okay to not send thank you notes. If people take the time to do something nice for you, why not let them know it by sending them a personal note? Maybe I'm just old school, but a text, instagram or twitter acknowledgment is not the only way to say thanks! (BTW, I'm so thankful to those of you who do still send thank you notes.)

— Using the phrase, "praying for you" and not meaning it. We've all said it, and I can't help but wonder how many people actually mean it, or do it when they say it. I'll admit, I've been guilty of this in the past. And if we are all honest with ourselves, we've all been guilty of it. However since the New Year began, I've been writing in my prayer journal. No, I don't write every night, but I do write at least 4 or 5 times a week. (Most of the time more times than that, but that's my average.) This has been huge for me because I do actually mention those I say that to, every night in my prayers. I know why I'm praying for them, and God does too. And my reason for mentioning this is... if you say it, do it. Plain and simple.
What's something that just seems to drive you crazy?! Linking up with Shanna...

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  1. We not only had messy fingers, but we also feel the same way about manners! I seriously tell my students (and add it to the syllabus) if you chew with your mouth open you will be asked to leave class. It is so distracting & gross! And thank you notes! They're just the decent thing to do when you're actually grateful. You are very good (and quick) with these! Now I'm feeling a bit convicted because I'm not sure if I remembered to send you one for the doormat you sent us......please forgive me if I didn't send one!

  2. These are so dead on! (And a good reminder for me to be better about sending thank-you notes! I SO want to be the person who always remembers to send one!)

  3. The turning signal thing really bothers me too!! I am beginning to think it is not something that is discussed while getting your drivers license for the first time in this state!?! I am totally guilty of putting lipstick/lip gloss on while driving, but I do the rest of my make up at home thank you very much!

  4. Amen, amen and amen. Preach sister girl!

  5. I agree with all! I am so bad about thank you notes, though! I buy them, and usually write them, just never remember to mail them. I've got to get better!

  6. I seriously yell at drivers from inside my car when they don't use a blinker. SOOOO annoying! And I LOVE writing thank you notes and still do for everything. Nothing makes my day better than receiving notes in the mail so I share the love back to others whenever I get anything at all!

  7. Haha! I love it. My mom would tell us growing up if we wanted to eat like cows, we needed to go outside.

    I'm with you on the Thank You card, but I would even take it a step further. Buying a card that says Thank You, and signing your name, doesn't count. Do you even know what you're thankful for?

    I have to get better on things myself, so thanks for the good reminder!

    Half way there!

  8. I love receiving and sending cards too! Such a fun way to let people know that you are thinking about them. My grandmother would kill me if I didn't send Thank You cards! :)

  9. Love it! However, on the Prayer subject, I try to remember the people that I say I will Pray for, but in case I leave someone out I always ask Gid to bless the people for whom we've promised to Pray for. I love your blog! I want to start blogging but don't know how to get started. Help!!

    1. Hey... just email me and I'd be happy to give you the juice on how to get one started up. It's easy peasie! joyhsowell@me.com

  10. I'm always on my soap box!

    I agree 100% on the makeup, and also apply lipstick in the car. It's the only acceptable application.

    I never say I'm praying for someone because I do not pray in any type of regular or typical type of prayer. I say you're in my thoughts, and only if they are.

  11. I'm so with you on so many of these except for the fact that I have put makeup on in a rush in the car. I totally know how not safe it is though so I'm going to need to cut it out. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Girl, I'm with you on almost all of these! I cannot stand open-mouth chewers...and people that chew gum so the whole world can hear it. So not cool.

    I am guilty of telling people I keep them in my prayers - but it's because I do! :) Anytime that I say that to someone, I stop and say a little prayer for them. If it's someone I keep coming back to, they are in my nightly prayers. I definitely think there are people out there that use this phrase as some sort of default - which isn't so nice :(

    Hope you had a great day!

  13. That smacking sound... I have a grown child who does it from time to time, and I always tell him to stop. He never did it until he was grown. -_-


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