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Monday, January 14, 2013

The weekend  — otherwise known as Operation Pajama Weekend was a hit!

{Friday} evening was take out night on the weekly menu, and when I text the Mr asking what he wanted he said, "surprise me" which I replied "you might regret it". A few places ran through my mind of places to get take out, but I ended up pulling in at good ole Cracker Barrel!

And since we love their cornbread so much, I finally decided to purchase their mix to start making it at home! =)

After our yummy take out, we settled in our recliners for a quiet evening — the Mr had been wanting to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie (the second one) and I had no desire to watch that one, so I curled up with the kindle to catch up on some reading.

{Saturday — 10 months of wedded bliss} we tried to sleep in. Trust me we tried! It just didn't happen. The Mr is having some issues with his back, and laying in the bed seemed to bother it more. I started the Saturday ritual of laundry fun while the Mr got ready to head to the office for a bit. At least once a month he ends up meeting with customers on his day off to make accommodate their schedules. (I don't know too many who will do that on their day off!)

Before heading home, he called to find out what I had a hankering for. I ordered a couple of Firehouse Subs online, and a few minutes later he was home with lunch! While we were chowing down on our subs, we saw that Joyful Noise was on. I've wanted to watch it for awhile, and the Mr finally agreed. Now, for anyone to get the full effect of watching a movie with us (especially one he's not in to) you have to be here with us listening to his commentary. It will have you cracking up in a second!

Of course, since the sky was looking like this all day, and we kept waiting for the wet stuff to fall from the sky — what else do you do besides watch movies, and read?!

That evening, we grilled out, and got ready for a night of movies (and Miss America). And oh the Miss America pageant ... well, here are a few things I thought about the night.

• The talent, or lack of, was probably the worst I've ever seen with the exception of maybe two contestants this year.
• The top 5... poor Mariah Cary just wants marijuana for recreational use and medical use. Pardon me, but is there any other way besides those two? Yep, she kinda lost just from that answer alone. And the fact that she didn't sing a Mariah Carey song or at least tap to one of them. Come on, we all were expecting it!
• I had South Carolina and New York as my favorites from the start. And low and behold, New York is actually from ALABAMA!!! So I was pretty happy with the outcome!
• Can we go back to the talent for a minute... seriously, who told some of those girls they could sing? I think we all "wished" the talent portion didn't last quite as long as it did.

{Sunday} mornings usually consist of cinnamon rolls for breakfast. And since we buy the pack with 5, we split the 5th. And the Mr always loves when I surprise him with a "face plate!"

The afternoon was spent watching more movies and waiting on the rain in pjs of course! And I finished up the book I started yesterday afternoon. While we were flipping through the channels, we noticed an  infomercial that we had never seen before, and perhaps y'all might not have seen it... it's for "Hot Booties"

Yes, we laugh every time that comes on now.

For dinner we cranked up the grill again for another wonderful meal: grilled chicken, roasted red potatoes and baked beans. So good! And afterwards we caught up with our favorite RHOA & Shahs. We love some reality tv y'all!

I'd say our pajama weekend was a success! It was full of ponytails, no makeup and a different pair of pjs every day!

I also planned our weekly menu.

How was your weekend y'all?
Ready for another work week?
Ready or not, it's here!
So let's do this!


  1. I love the idea of a PJ weekend! I may have to have that next weekend with the hubs, sounds super relaxing!!


  2. A PJ weekend is a fantastic idea! I need to implement that in the Hawley household lol Looks like y'all had a great weekend and are ready for the new week :-)

  3. I'd say your pj weekend was a success!! You are going to make fun of me but I am intrigued by those hot booties! My feet are always freezing!! Hahahh

  4. what a great relaxing weekend. a pj weekend is right up my alley! I may have to copy that next weekend.

  5. new follower from mingle monday! sounds like a great weekend and I can't wait to check out the recipes. I need more menu ideas

  6. Love PJ weekend! Thank you for the recap of Miss America. I didn't watch it, but it seems as though I didn't miss anything! It's Monday again...praying for a fast week. Even though, can you believe we are half way through January! Wow!

  7. Pj's all weekend sounds fabulous! I also loved that you used thee word hankering! Stopping by from Mingle Monday'

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! And looks yummy.

    oh and here's a secret- I kinda want some hot booties!

  9. Glad your Operation PJ weekend was a success! Those kinds of weekends are always fun and relaxing!

    We ate Cracker Barrel on Saturday morning! Love that place!!!

    That grilled chicken looks amazing!!

    Happy 10 months!!!

    I nomimated you for an award on my blog! Check it out and play along!

  10. Your weekend sounds perfect and very similar to mine. I love the no makeup nor getting dress weekends! Hope you have a great week!

  11. All that food looks so good!
    And HAI!! You have a 2nd gen Kindle! I had one of those for so long and didn't know anyone who had one. My hubby upgraded me this Christmas and he has my old one now. *sniffles* It was my baby.


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