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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole. #lifelessons
(and now I just want a donut!)
Today's Random Wednesday is all about ME. And, of course, I'm linking up with Shanna.

1) I hate mayonnaise. I don't like the smell, the texture, or the taste.

2) I could drink Diet Pepsi 24/7 as long as it's caffeine free. 

3) I'm an office supply snob. Yes, you read that correctly. I like certain pens, highlighters, paper clips, etc. I refuse to use the cheap/crappy ones, so I purchase my own. 

4) Every time a dog is on a commercial, I ask the Mr can we get one. (I'm a sucker for cute dogs!)

5) I'm obsessed with organizing and planning. Problem is, I'm running out of time during the day to get stuff done.

6) I could eat McAlisters Deli everyday for lunch, however the Mr will only agree to it once a week.

7) I've found out a good bit about folks from twitter... especially when they post cuss words (I mean you are literally typing it out), and then later post about relying on God. Contradict much? With that being said, I've found some wonderful tweets from my tweeps that inspire me throughout the day.

8) I love to cook, and try new recipes. But if it calls for onions or tomatoes, you can pretty much guess that I either leave them out, or I don't make it at all.

9) I have a least 10 different colors of red OPI fingernail polish. I mean, there's different reds for the four seasons, right?! 

10) I love our little life in Alabama. Honestly, I was nervous about the move... a new city, a new job, new people, but I truly believe this was the best move we could have ever made. We love our life here, and I love that we are making memories together, here.

That's just a little randomness about ME!



  1. I love this! I did the exact same type of post today too! After reading yours, I want to do more! I am totally #3, too! I buy all my own pens for work because I have to write so much. It gets expensive, though, because I go through a pen every two days!

  2. I am right there with you on the planning and organizing!!

  3. I have to have thin sharpie colored pens to write with at work, so I just buy them myself as well. So true about twitter-- although sometimes I'm guilty of over sharing.

  4. Well now I want a donut and a tomato sandwich lol I am an office supply hoarder! I love a good pen (OMGoodness, I never thought I would say that lol)

  5. NO mayo! There are a lot of mayo haters out there.

    Straight up ditto me on the planning and organizing. I've planned myself straight out of time in the day.

    I'm guilty of a lot of profanity.

  6. I am on office snob too! If the pen doesn't write well, then it gets trashed or put back in the drawer for someone else! What area of Alabama do you live in? I moved here recently too and am happy.

  7. Joy, you are so great! I hate mayonnaise too! Everyone thinks I'm crazy. That e-card is the gospel truth for me. :) And I agree that twitter can give you new insights into people's characters. I just don't know what to think anymore. :) I'm the same with number 8 and for a couple of years, Spencer and I lived away from our families and friends in a different town. I loved it because it gave us some time to really bond and become a We. Now we're back and it's pretty sweet. So that reminded me of us when you talked about your Alabama life in 10.

    Have a great day, girl!

  8. That makes me want a donut too!

    I am also a office supply snob! Which reminds me I need new pens! My last one stopped writing yesterday so I need to get new ones!

    And I am guilty of some profanity... I feel so bad about it afterwards too! I'm working on it!

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. I love it!!
    Ok - so I am with you on McAlisters... once a week is better than none though, right? Haha

    Red finger nail polish - didn't know there was another color! I don't have all OPI, but I have a ton of red. It's a classic, never go wrong, color.

    About the organizing - I suck at it when I have to do it for me. Anyone else. I rock!!

    Happy Wednesday!


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