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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Take for instance, whenever I hear this song, I immediately visualize this in my mind...

I love bulldogs, and this baby cracks me up (especially that paw)...


Poor baby didn't know he was doing wrong...

I also love to smile at y'alls instagram pictures. Why — cause y'all are either posting pictures of your babies, pups, travels or food! =) Fun times. Do y'all follow me? Look me up... joyhsowell


  1. So cute! Thanks for sharing laughs

  2. The SNL Single Ladies sketch is probably my most favorite SNL sketch ever. Well, maybe second favorite after Chris Farley's motivational speaker sketch.

    And I want the bulldog puppy! He's so sweet and sassy!

  3. Thanks for posting video and not GIFs, I hate gifs.

    That Single Ladies video cracks me up every time. One of my favorites.

    I love seeing everyone's pets, drinks, food, and sunsets on instagram!

  4. Another one worth your while to watch...TRUST ME.

  5. oh my gosh Bently's little whine just melted my heart awwwww so sweet!

  6. oh my goodness! Love the SNL Beyonce..have you seen the joe jonas one?
    and Bentley is just awesome! love his little baby wookie noises!
    and that commercial is awesome too. don't have cable so I don't see many commercials!

    Thanks Joy! :)


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