Visiting North Mississippi

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For the past four years, I've been traveling with the Mr to North Mississippi to visit with his side of the family (his mom and his dad's extended families). We always go one weekend in December, and this year we went the weekend between Christmas and New Years.

It's a four hour drive, and going was waaay too much fun. We took pictures, reminisced, laughed, tweeted with some sweet cousins, jammed to some really good music, and stopped at some of the worst places ever to potty. BTW, if you follow me on twitter, you might remember me talking about writing a book about the best and worst places to stop for potty breaks in the south. Trust me I've seen the worst and the best. 

First stop was lunch with the Mr's mom's side of the family. Uncle Stevie and Aunt Rita welcomed us in their home as they always do, but we were told this year was all about the finger foods. WRONG! There was much more than finger foods. I'm talking about a lot more!

And these ladies were the ones manning the kitchen...

Pat, Aunt Betty, Judy & Aunt Rita

While the food was being prepared for buffet style serving... the cousins were rough housing in the back room.

Once everyone was full, it was time to catch up with everyone... and the conversations were endless.

And after the conversations came to a close (briefly)... the laughter was turned up. Aunt Rita had a new digital picture frame full of pictures from the past, and we're talking waaaay back all the way to present day. The comments after each picture had us all rolling. And yes, everyone except the kids were in on the fun.

Before saying goodbye... we realized we didn't get a picture, and Uncle Stevie had been left out, too.


That evening it was time to celebrate with the Mr's dad's side of the family. Cousin Dawn and her family just moved into their new beautiful home in July and they were our host and hostess for the evening.

And the good eats continued... these ladies made sure of that!

Aunt Barbara, Judy, Dawn and Aunt Sue

The best surprise of the evening? Sweet little Ginger, Bailey's gift from Santa!! He rescued her from a shelter Christmas Eve night to live with Bailey and her family. Isn't she precious? We had fun babysitting and spoiling her rotten for a few hours. But Bailey was sure to point out that she was not going home with us when we left. Ha! =)

The brothers and sister-in-laws got caught up on their past and future stories while chowing down on the good food.

And Terry and I hung out with the cousins watching TV and playing with Ginger...

Seriously... we probably laughed more at this little cutie sleeping, and then eventually playing, more than we ate! Check out this cute face, and those long little legs.

The ride back wasn't near as fun as the ride home due to not feeling well, but we did make it back to our Sweet Home Alabama.

We had a wonderful time seeing all our extended family members and can't wait to see them all again. Some even before next Christmas! =)

How far do y'all normally travel to celebrate with family?!


  1. oh my goodness! that looks like an amazing christmas!! can i join your family?? :)

  2. What a great trip full of family and sweet puppy fun!!!

  3. OMG, look at all that food! Making me want Christmas Eats all over again!!! :)

    Usually my husband and I fly out to California (we live in TX) where both our parents live. HOwever, right now I am due to have a bubba in 2 weeks, so there was no flying for us. Instead, our family all flew out here for Thanksgiving, and this Christmas wa a nice quiet one for us (the first and probably the last Christmas with just the two of us, hahaha!).

  4. I am lucky that my side of the family is very close! No more than 1.5 hours away! My in laws are a little further, but we make sure to see everyone during the holiday season! I always enjoy the family time! And the food... the older generations can cook!!


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