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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We've all done one of these types of posts before, but with new followers, it's always good to re-introduce ourselves. Lauren over at Simply Free posted this one yesterday, and I completely stole her idea (she said we could y'all) so I could share it with y'all today!

A — available or married?
     Hitched, taken, spoken for, and extremely happy about it!

B — book?
     The last book I read was On Dublin Street

C — cake or pie?
     Does cheesecake count as cake? I do love cake regular cake, too! Red Velvet & Chocolate are my favorite.

D — drink of choice?
     Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free

E — essential item?
     iPhone — sad, but true. It keeps me in touch with everyone and everything.

F — favorite color?
     yellow or gray at the moment (but y'all this can change with the drop of a hat)

G — game to watch or play?
      to watch would be MSU Football / to play would be Taboo

H — hometown?
     Meridian, MS

I  — indulgence?
     nail polish

J  — job?
     Swagelok Alabama (you name it and I probably do it)

K — kids and their names?
      maybe one day =)

L — life is incomplete without?
     my better half

M — music group of singer?
      Bruno Mars

N — number of siblings?
     1 older brother

O — oranges or apples?
      apples for sure

P — phobias/fears?

Q — favorite quote?
     "Remember, wherever your heart is, there you will find your happiness."

R — reason to smile?
     I'm a blessed child of the King!

S — season?
     Fall!! I love the feel of the weather, the holidays, the football action and the colors of the leaves!

T — tattoos?
     None, and it will always stay this way.

U — unknown fact about me?
     I've never smoked a cigarette or anything else for that matter. True statement, and one I'm proud of.

V — vegetable you love?
     peas and butter beans from the garden, mixed

W — worst habit?
     worrying waaaay too much

X — X-rays you've had?
     less than 10 I'm sure

Y — your favorite food?
     hands down, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and cornbread

Z — zodiac?


Have y'all done one like this? So much fun, and I hope y'all will do one so I can learn more about you!!


  1. I haven't done one like this, but I have one set up for one of those days when I don't have anything else going on! I love reading them.

  2. This is a fantastic idea! I might have to "steal" it.

    Its always great to read more about the bloggers you read :)

  3. As a new follower I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing the little insight about yourself and I would love for you to follow along.

  4. Always nice to learn a few new things about one another. Going to do this as well.

  5. Such a great way to learn about somebody! Great job!

  6. your reason to smile made my heart swell!!!! Love this list Joy!!!

  7. I love this idea! Learned something new!

  8. Great post Joy! Love learning more about you! :)


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