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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A week ago, I asked y'all to give the Mr and I questions that you'd like us to answer. And today, we are giving you our answers.

I tried to get the Mr to agree on doing a vlog, but he vetoed that one real quick! Ha!

{MR} from Darbs — What is your favorite part about being married to Joy?
MR — Knowing I can be myself 24/7 and that she loves me no matter what.

{BOTH} from Darbs — What is your ideal date night?
MRS — Enjoying a meal out on the town without the iPhone's on the table, then some light window shopping.
MR — Going out to a nice dinner, and coming home to get some "boom chicka boom boom."

{BOTH} from Steph — What's your favorite vacation you've taken together that was not your honeymoon?
MRS — Well, to be honest we've never gone anywhere just the two of us. We enjoy hanging out with our friends and family and usually have people traveling with us. But probably my most favorite would be NOLA in September of 2009 at a bed and breakfast with our favorite Denney's!
MR — Point Clear, Alabama 2010 — it was freezing cold, but we enjoyed a great weekend.

{BOTH} from Marcie — Plans to try for another baby?
MR & MRS — We were so happy when we found out we were pregnant back in October, and so heart broken to find out about the miscarriage right after Thanksgiving. We both do want to have a baby, maybe two, but we are taking it day by day on the journey to parenthood. The one thing we do know is that we pray for our future baby everyday, and pray that God will bless us with a full term pregnancy this year.

{MR} from Ryan — What is your favorite meal that Joy cooks?
MR — Chicken Spaghetti, it was the first meal she ever cooked for me when we started dating.

{BOTH} from April — Do you both have the same design style or does one win design battles over the other?
MR & MRS — We both pretty much like the same design style, but we talk about it and usually bring two or three options to the table and pick from those.

{MR} from Meg — What first attracted you to Joy?
MR — How easy it was to talk to her. We were set up on a blind date, and a week before we went out for our first date, we talked on the phone every night. I felt like I had always known her by the time we went out.

{BOTH} from Darbs — Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
MRS — That's a tough one because I've learned to take things day by day, but I would hope to see us with a couple of little Sowell's loving our sweet southern life.
MR — Happy with a family of our own, and successful.

{MRS} from Stephanie — Your hair is so pretty/shiny in your pictures, tell me your ancient Chinese secret please.
MRS — My hair is naturally curly, so I straighten it everyday. I also have a lot of grays, and the color my stylist uses makes my hair so shiny and soft. 

{BOTH} from Suze — Describe the other person in one word?
MRS — attentive
MR — compassionate

{BOTH} from Suze — If you had to pack a suitcase for an exotic trip for your spouse, what three items would you absolutely have to pack for them?
MRS — clothes, meds, iPhone charger
MR — air purifier, pillow, clothes

{BOTH} from Suze — If you had to choose an animal to represent your spouse, what would it be and why?
MRS — a puppy, cause I want to squeeze him, kiss him, love him and look at him all day long
MR — a puppy, cause I always want to snuggle up to her

{MR & MRS} from Allison — How did y'all meet?
MR & MRS — We were set up on a blind date through a friend in May 2009. And we've been together ever since.

{BOTH} from Allison — What would you do differently over the time you've been together?
MR & MRS — nothing because that's our love story

{MR & MRS} from Jessica — Do you have nicknames for each other? And if so, how did they come about?
MRS — baby, Bobaloo, honey 
MR — honey bunches of love, joyceafene, joyious occasion 
***we really don't have an answer for how they came to be***

{MRS} from Breanna — How did the Mr propose?
MRS — It was on December 17, 2011 in Birmingham. We had a full day of Christmas shopping and then a dinner at Ruth's Chris. You can read about the full story, here.

{MRS} from Sarah — What is your favorite thing to make?
MRS — Oh man, that's a tough one. I love to cook, especially when I have an afternoon to prepare and clean up behind myself. One of my favorite things to make is... loaded mashed potatoes, but then I love to make all kinds of desserts! I just never have enough time to make them like I use to! =)

{MR} from Sarah — What is your favorite thing that Joy makes?
MR — I already answered that one in one of the questions above, so this time I'll make it a dessert of hers that I like... husbands delight.

We hope y'all enjoyed our answers, because there was some we really had to think about! Thanks so much for participating with this fun post! We hope y'all learned a few things about us that you might not have ever known. =)



  1. I literally l-o-l with the "boom chicka boom boom." comment! Love it!

    I love the words you both used to describe one another; very sweet!

  2. I mean, could you two be any cuter?! Love this!!

  3. Boom chicka boom boom? That cracks me up. Chris and I ended up at Ruth's Chris the night he proposed also! You two are too sweet!

  4. I loved this! Especially the Mr's answer to the date night! He must have a great sense of humor.
    Reading this though, you seem to be a perfect couple - a lot of the answers were the same, or similar! Super cute!

  5. Great questions and answers. The "boom chika boom boom" made me laugh out loud.

  6. I loved this! hahaha @ boom chicka boom boom. So cute that you both picked puppy for the other.

    We've done most of our vacations with other couples too, we just always make sure to take some time for ourselves when we're away.

  7. This is so sweet! It makes me want to do something like this with my hubby! So great that you all get to work together.


  8. This is so fun! Love getting to know you!!


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