I was late for a very important BLATE

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Do you ever feel like people, or more specifically family members don't get why you blog? Well, yesterday afternoon, I got the chance to meet eight other ladies from this area who "get" why I blog. Why do they? Because they are bloggers, too!

We met up at a hip, and packed coffee/sandwich shop called Urban Standard in downtown Bham. I, of course, was late! GPS took me in circles around downtown Birmingham crossing over every street except 2nd Ave N! But, I finally arrived 15 minutes late!

I knew I would recognize a few of them from their blogs and twitter pictures, but it was so nice to meet these girls in person. Our conversation topics were all about blogging, and y'all it just made me smile knowing that so many others love it just as much as I do. And since I'm the oldest of the group... yep  they are all still in their 20s, I'm considering myself the mama of the bunch. Ha!

So let me introduce y'all to these sweet girls...

Nadine, Kalyn & Heather
Clara & Jen
Lauren L, Lauren E, Me & Ashley
Now, let me introduce you to their blogs and twitter accounts!! I promise you won't be disappointed!!

{Nadine} • Blog • Twitter

{Kalyn} • Blog • Twitter

{Heather} • Blog • Twitter

{Clara} • Blog • Twitter

{Jen} • Blog • Twitter

{Lauren L} • Blog • Twitter

{Lauren E} • Blog • Twitter

{Ashley} • Blog • Twitter

Ladies, I can't wait to meet up with y'all again next month!!

Do y'all have blates in your area? If so, you should definitely join in on the fun.
Enjoy your Sunday, y'all!!


  1. That would be so cool to do! I just started to blog and haven't really told my family yet, because I don't thin they would understand why I would want too! Hopefully sometime I can do something like this!

  2. How fun! I look forward to exploring their blogs for new inspiration and ideas!

  3. I am so glad that we were all able to meet yesterday. Eight instant new friends, I think so!

  4. How fun! I would love to meet fellow town bloggers!

  5. That is really neat! I am still working on starting my blog. Just a little overwhelmed.

  6. This is fantastic! I found a lot of the bloggers I follow are from down south, I've only come across 2 that are from the Philadelphia area. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

  7. Love this Joy! You are precious! Cant wait to March 9th to see you again!!

  8. Such a sweet post! I shared it with all my social media sites so that they would finally understand why I blog! Cant wait to see you soon! :)

  9. Oh my gosh I am green with envy!!!!! Looks like a fabulous time and I'm so glad you got to connect with other bloggers!

  10. Had so much fun on our blate and really enjoyed getting to know a fellow Mississippian! What a great post! :)

  11. looks so fun! I wish we did something like that around my parts!

  12. so glad you posted this! and SO glad to meet you and the other gals :)


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