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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guess who came back to visit us?! Marsie Belle!!

And today, I'm going to share some randomness about little MB!

{greenies} She has to have one of these every night before bedtime. And when she wants it, you'll know because she whines, and whines. And yes, she will even pull the blanket off of you to get your attention!

{humphrey & the rest of her toys} She loves her "bear" otherwise known as humphrey, and all the other thousands of toys. She's not happy unless every. single. one of the are out of her bin.

{naps} She takes a least 6 naps a day, but most of the time there is more! And she has to be covered up with a blanket, and thinks napping on the couch or in the bed is best!

{turkey} She thinks this should be served to her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you know what, she gets exactly what she wants.

Are you momma of a four legged baby? What are they're funny quirks?

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  1. OH I love MB's personality!!! She is definitely my kind of gal :-) Kisses to MB from Auntie Darbs!

  2. She's adorable! I love dog quirks. I should do a post like this for my boys.

  3. My Sophie likes to stick her face into my shoes and rolls around with them. It is the strangest thing! I can't leave any of my shoes on in the living room. She also has to follow me everywhere I go and most nights ends up sleeping outside my bedroom door!

  4. I have to tell you. This Bird just saw the top picture of Marbelle, and she declared that Lucy and Marbelle are best friends! Too cute!!

    I love it! Lucy naps on the couch - but the top of it - smooshes my pillows! ARGH! And always burrows under blankets, or tucks her snout in the couch! Must be a Doxie thing!!

  5. Glad to know my fur babe is not the only one that has quirks! Just a couple of Gavin's is he has to nap on my electric blanket while it is on medium! He feels he must have a treat after going outside and do his business (most times he pretends to do his business and runs inside wanting a treat). He always tips his toy box over and drags every toy out. If you figure out how to get MB to put the toys back, give me the 411 so I can teach Gavin!

  6. My Harper also loves to sleep on my bed or the couch. She is a little DIVA and knows exactly what she wants!

  7. Our kitty and Weim are best friends. Our doggy was asleep on my daughters bed with her door closed. He must have whined when he woke up and we were all gone, so Toby (the cat)opened the door and let him out. Luigi (the Weim) had the nice gift of an overturned trashcan waiting for us when he got back home! These animals are too smart!!

  8. Sweet Mar Belle! So glad to see you again! Enjoy your Mama and Daddy!


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