Some day my dreams will come true...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Somedays I think my dreams are outta reach. But then again... sometimes they turn out to be some of the best surprises I've ever received. Here are some of my current dreams... and who knows...

• to be a mom — I had a taste of that dream becoming a reality this past fall, but God had other plans for our baby after Thanksgiving. Now I just pray my dream to become a mom of an earthly baby are part of His greater plan in the future.

• to have our screened in porch full of beautiful flowers — guess I need to start researching what kind of plants will survive with partial sunlight and crazy summer heat.


• to celebrate each wedding anniversary in a different place for a week or weekend

• to make a recipe binder — This is something I know I can do if I just take time to do. And I'm pretty sure it will take a few days/weekend, but I CAN and WILL do this.

• to be on the Family Feud — Don't judge, but the Mr and I both really want to invite three other family members to be on the show.

• to visit Houston — I've got some great friends that I'm needing to meet in person! Darby & Jessica!!

These are some of my favorite dreams that I really want, and cant wait to see come true!! What are some of your dreams that you can't wait for them to become a reality?!


  1. This is such a great idea for a post! Praying for you and your man, Joy. I know all of your dreams will come true in some way of another in His time! PS- I would love to help you with a recipe binder! I just made my own!

  2. I made a recipe binder last year, and have about 1,000 new recipes to add to it! I wish I would have kept up with organizing it. I love the picture of that our door area, that is so beautiful! If you find out what type of plants would survive alright in our crazy summers, please do share! I took a stab at having a green thumb with an indoor house plant last month...and it is still alive. So, I would like to make our outdoors pretty too!

  3. Love the dream to make a recipe binder! I need to do that too!

  4. I want a wrap around porch, and a home out in the country, No neighbors. Ahh...

    Meeting you would be so much fun! And maybe, I'll come out your way. I've been watching Double Divas (don't judge, it's only 30 mins, and they crack me up), and I am dying to go see Molly! I would be right there!

    I hope today is great! It's Tuesday!!

  5. Well I hope you know that I am down with this entire list!!!! Houston needs some Joy!!!!! And since we're long lost sisters, can I be on your FF team? :-)

  6. Joy I love your list of dreams and I know with time they will all become reality! I just made a family cookbook this past year and gave them as Christmas gifts to all the women in my family. It's such an amazing heirloom to hold onto and add to over the years. Once you do your binder we need to see some pics!

  7. Yes they will!! They WILL come true!

  8. What a precious post. are such an inspiring, amazing woman! :) Praying for you and Mr. every day. I hope you are having a great week! :)

  9. Hope everyone of these sweet dreams come true! Being a mommy is a huge dream of mine too!

  10. Love this post. I too would love to do a recipe binder. @jessica k on your way through, let me know I would love to make a trip to Livi Rae (double divas). Those two ladies are a hoot. Your dreams will come true Joy, God takes care of his wonderful people. We love you and miss you.

  11. We've only celebrated two wedding anniversaries so far, but we've been away for both and plan on being away for the rest too!

  12. I am trying to do a recipe binder too!!
    And I love this porch. I am having a hard time finding patio furniture right now.

  13. Sweet post! Some day all your dreams will come true! God is still writing your beautiful story!

    I am so ready for Spring! I spent the majority of last night making my flower and veggie list along with their location around our house!

    Happy Anniversary Month!


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