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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bare with me, I have a thousand thoughts running through my head right now, and I thought today was the perfect day to share some of them with you. Which also means I'll be linking up with Shanna and her random wednesdays!

{toilet paper} yep, I'm one of those people who buys toilet paper every time I go to the store. Why? I'm always scared we are going to run out. We have three full baths in our house, and only one really gets used everyday. They all have a stock pile of the good stuff in each cabinet, and we even have some in one of the hall closets, but if never fails if I enter Target, I feel like I need to purchase it. #doesthatmakemecrazy

{spring fever} it happened, y'all! I've got spring fever. I'm ready for pretty colors, longer sunny days, and a little bit warmer weather. Maybe I should be more specific, I'm ready for March, April and May. After May it just gets waaay too hot to want to do anything, and that's when we pray for September to come so it will cool off some. However, a few things about spring I'm not ready for: pollen, mosquitoes, and gnats. #yuck

{pinterest} oh how I love and hate you. I see so many things that I would love to make, bake, and design, yet I have a job, and can't seem to find time to make any of these things become a realty. #HELP!!

{morning traffic} why does it have to be so complicated? I can leave the house at the exact same time every morning, and every day the traffic will be different. Some days it takes me 35 minutes to go from my house to work — and that's only 8 miles, folks! And other days, it takes me 10 minutes. I seriously, don't get it. The crazy part is, there will be a cop sitting there watching the traffic, but not out helping to make the traffic flow better which is caused by traffic light schedules and the people who are cutting in. Pretty sure the last part is what makes my blood boil. I've been patience to sit and wait... and you can to buddy!

{ tt } this is how we get MB to go outside and potty "Marsie Belle, are you ready to go outside and tt?" (Please, pretty please, repeat this out loud in your most high pitched baby voice, ever.) Yep, that's exactly what I sound like when I'm trying to get her to go outside and do her business. The MR hates that I call it "tt" but she is almost 10 and that's the what we have called it since she was a puppy. Now, the MR also believes that she will only get up and go outside when I say this. So, we tried this theory yesterday morning, and sure enough... she ignores him, but when I say it, she jumps up and is ready to go. Ha! I fully believe it's because he can't get his voice as high as I can get mine. LOL So, if you have a dog, or a child for that matter, what do you call it? I'm secretly hoping you all say "tt" so I can prove to the Mr that I'm not the only one who uses that slang.
Happy Wednesday y'all! We're halfway to the weekend! #whoohoo


  1. Terribly sorry to break it to you, but I say "potty." That's right, I talk to my dogs like they are toddlers! Also, at night when it is time to go to bed and for them to go to their crates I say, "Come on, let's go night night!" They run to their crates and wait for their treats.

  2. We call it potty. Time to go potty! Potty time! They know it.

    hahaha. I used to do that with TP, but now I buy the huge bag of it. I can never have less than 8 rolls of TP in the house for two bathrooms, not including what's on the actual roll at the time.

  3. With the Mr. on this one! I say Potty for dogs, and Pee or Potty for the Bird. BUT I do agree with the pitch. If I ask the dogs in a high voice they tend to listen. When the Hubs asks - they ignore. And if he gets mad and deepens voice - well they get super scared and cower down! Haha!

    PS - I am the complete opposite with the tp. I have a roll hidden just in case we ever do run out though!

    Happy Wednesday

  4. I always try to buy TP every time I go to the store! But if Adam is with me he won't allow me to! HAHA!!

    And this is a secret but I am kinda ready for spring too! I love fall/winter but I am ready for some beach days!!!

  5. I have a toilet paper subscription on Amazon. Does that make me crazy?

  6. LOL - we're having this debate in our house as we're getting closer to potty training time. I do say go to the potty but we're realized that we indeed have to name both types. I personally prefer TT over everything else and we use the Malagasy word for the other option!! :)

  7. I say TT sometimes too! :) You are not crazy!

  8. HA I say the exact same thing to my dog! Love it :)

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  10. I do the same thing with toilet paper!! It's stashed all over my house, but concentrated in the guest bedroom closet. Soul sisters, maybe?

    I'm getting the spring fever too. It's all this neon. :)

    I don't call it "tt" but I'm going to start :)

  11. Hate to burst your bubble, but I tell Gavin, my Westie, to go potty. He will only do it for me which aggravates Lt. to know end! Lt. will be so frustrated because Gavin won't listen to him (even if Lt will tell him to go P to the O to the Otty!). Then Lt will have to ask me to tell Gavin to go outside. I love being the alpha in my family!

  12. 8 miles and it takes you 35 minutes sound like LA traffic to me and I would hate to ever have to drive in that madness!

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  14. HAHAHAHAHA we say tt too!!!! MB is so funny lol

    I hear ya on the traffic girl!! It is NO fun to start the day that way!


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