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Monday, March 11, 2013

Grab a cup of joe, or hot tea, or if you're like me... a diet pepsi and join in our conversation today...

My sweet and lovely friends, Kalyn and Lauren, are hosting a link up every Monday called "Coffee and Conversation" and today's topic is...

What is one of the most valuable lessons you have learned this year so far?

Coffee & Conversation

Taking things with a grain of salt.

This a hard lesson to learn. Why? Because we as women are a different breed. We take everything to heart, and I do mean everything. Sometimes we even harp on something for days, weeks, and some might even for years. And I will agree that sometimes you don't feel like moving on, you want to hold that grudge because sometimes it just seems to make you feel better to be mad at the world. But, let's be honest for a minute... why? We all know you can't move on until you have truly let go of something that is bothering you. And how do you live your life to the fullest when you have all that weight on your shoulders?

It can be hard as a female to laugh at a situation or let a comment roll off your back. But if you don't let it go, and move forward — are you really living?! #foodforthought

So that is my valuable lesson that I've learned and am still learning this year. Life is complicated, and it seems to get more complicated the older we get. You learn a lot about yourself, and the people you know, and the ones you use to know. Life is not always simple, but we as humans (mainly us females) can make it a lot more difficult than it really is. When you feel you are in this situation... give it to God. Prayer works, y'all. And the peace of mind you get from talking to Him, and listening to His answers makes you a better person on the outside, and within. 


  1. That is some wisdom I definitely needed to hear! Thanks, friend.

  2. Agree 100%. We women are honestly our own worst enemies! We are so judgemental of each other when we should be lifting eachother up! There is just no sense in holding a grudge that long. Kind of in line with taking things with a grain of salt, I'm kind of trying to start applying the "Jesus forgave me for my sins, who am I to not forgive someone else??".

  3. That's a great lesson that not enough of us are learning!

  4. Totally agree with you! I am the queen of sensitivity. I have learned to not take everything to heart, but definitely a work in progress. I think my biggest lesson learned recently is always follow your instincts. It's pretty amazing how right they are. Hope you are having a good Monday! Found ya on the link-up.

  5. So needed to hear this. Thanks for sharing & linking up dear!

  6. Man you hit that on the nail. Women sometimes enjoy being pissed off at someone or even the world. But the best part - we then blame others for our unhappiness...

  7. Thank you for sharing your heart, friend! Such an awesome post! Thanks for linking up with Coffee and Conversation! We appreciate your support and love in this community :)


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