A quick recap of our weekend...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friday... was Good Friday, and we both worked. However, we had big plans for the evening. I left work early, and the Mr actually got off on time. We quickly downed some dinner and got ready for our evening with Jerry Seinfeld.

Y'all might remember that seeing Jerry was my gift to the Mr for our one year anniversary. It was also our last one year anniversary celebration. We had a great time laughing the night away. Jerry's opening act was Tom Papa, and he was hilarious. He really got the crowd laughing, and I felt left the stage waaay too soon. Then Jerry came out. Some of the funniest things he talked about, coffee and coffee shops, sketchers shapeups, and hydrating. At the end of the show, he let the audience ask a few questions. It was a great show to see, and if you get a chance, definitely get tickets! But, if he's not coming anyway near you, just click here.


Saturday... morning we attempted to sleep in, however, we knew we had a few things to take care of so we got on up. After a quick home cooked breakfast, we decided to take my vehicle to get the oil changed before the Mr had to meet a couple at the office for work. Well, the Bama traffic was awful, ALL day! We had to take back roads just to get to the dealership. And our afternoon of errands that should have taken about 2 hours... yeah, it took 6 hours! CRAZY! Just take a look at this traffic on I-65... backed up and crawling in both directions.

We did have lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants since we were on the back roads, and it was delicious!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing catch up on laundry and getting the Mr's clothes ready for a busy work week. And getting our clothes ready for Easter morning.


Sunday... we got ready for Easter service at a new church. (I'll have a post soon on why we are still on the church hunt.) We didn't go out and buy new outfits for Easter this year. I wore the same Easter dress from last year, and the Mr wore the same Easter shirt from last year. New city, no one knew the difference. =)

The service was good, but long. But one point the pastor made was one I wanted to share with you.... just like you need a receipt to walk out of Sam's proving you've already paid for your items.... Jesus is your receipt. He has already paid for your sins!!

After the church service, we went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. Surprisingly we were in and out in 40 minutes. Then it was time to head back home for pjs and movies. We watched Hope Springs, and only watched the first 40 minutes of Young Adult... we turned it off because we really couldn't get in to it.

We have plans to grill tonight, and watch our favorite reality Sunday TV shows. And of course, we will call it an early bedtime.

How was your Easter weekend?


  1. So glad y'all had a great Easter Weekend! :)

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! I can't wait to hear more about Jerry's standup THIS FRIDAY!!!

  3. We traveled through that fantastic traffic on I-65 for a good part of Saturday. It wasn't just in Alabama :(

    Sounds like a great weekend - good luck finding a new church!

  4. Traffic this weekend was insane! I heard and saw tweets about 65, 20 was also shut down for awhile for an accident on Saturday evening. Just crazy!

  5. I realized on Saturday night that I didn't have anything new for Easter either. Getting a new Easter dress used to be a big deal but I guess when you grow up, there are more things to worry about. :) Good thing we are both working on not worrying as much! haha

  6. Traffic - oh honey you ain't seen nothing yet!
    Glad to hear you had a great weekend!!


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