A year ago today... The Honeymoon

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Honeymoon...

A year ago today, we woke up as husband and wife. WOW, I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. It truly was the best feeling in the world!! And, it still is the best feeling, today. That was the first full day I was a Mrs, and Mrs. Sowell at that! I still get butterflies just thinking about it! =)

The resort was not only the perfect place to get married, but it was also the perfect place to honeymoon. Beautiful sunrises, beautiful sunsets, crystal clear turquoise water, vibrant flowers, and a breeze that just made you smile, relax and close your eyes! We spent our morning eating some of the best breakfast food, ever and then hitting the beach. We had drinks and snacks brought to us while we relaxed until it was time for lunch. Then we went to multiple restaurants on the beach where we had to watch and make sure the birds didn't fly off with our food! =) Then it was back to the beach or one of the pools! Most of the afternoons it rained, but it was perfect for napping. And every night we got dressed up and headed to a fancy dinner. We loved that it was all inclusive, and for couples only!

One of our friends had gifted us a day on a catamaran cruise! And yes, this scaredy cat got off the catamaran in the middle of the ocean! #whatwasithinking

All good things must come to an end, and at the end of the week it was time to fly back to the states. Our week in Jamaica was perfect. The perfect wedding, and the perfect honeymoon. And, that was one week we will never forget! We can't wait to go back and relive our week in paradise!


  1. I have always wanted to go to an all inclusive resort! Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see what y'all do for the weekend getaway!

  2. That water is so gorgeous!!!! Hey Mr Sowell (since I know you're reading now) I would like to put something in the suggestion box: how about taking your bride on a 5-anniversary trip back to the resort to celebrate ;-)

  3. Your pictures are making me jealous! I need a beach trip soon! :) congrats on your first anniversary! I agree with Darby, y'all must go back for your 5 year.

  4. Ah! We did the catamaran too! I was such a scared fool but we jumped off :) Looking back I am so glad I did!


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