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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This post is for yours truly... ME! I can't seem to remember things I want, or that I want to do. So this post is to help me remember... can you really lose you mind at 31? I hope not! Ha!

{Books I want to read}

One Thousand Gifts — not the kindle version... I want to hold the book in my hand, and I'm thinking it will go great with my prayer journal.
Sparkly Green Earrings — for the kindle (thank Haven for reminding me of this one)

{Plants for the yard}

Blueberry Bush — I really want one (honey, this is one you don't have to plant, it can stay in a container)
Lemon Tree — I love to cook with lemons so I see this as a win win... no more buying lemons!
Ferns — for the front porch in stands, and hanging off the bottom deck

{Things I want to cook and bake}

Hopefully I can make some of this happen, soon.
Thanks for allowing me to unload some of my thoughts, wants and ideas.


  1. I need more time to read! My list is ever-growing....
    Lemon tree- that would be beautiful!
    As are those food pics... :) You'll have to share once you've made them!

  2. Those red velvet things looks so yummy! You'll have to make them then post about it so we know how the taste!

  3. NACHOS! Ole! For me too please.

    I keep adding and adding to my books on Goodreads.

  4. I just found your blog through the bloghop and i'm glad I did! I just looked through your wedding page and those are some beautiful pictures!! I'm a sucker for a destination wedding! We just got married in December in Mexico!!

    I'm your newest follower!!

  5. Just be warned with the lemon trees - they aren't your typical lemons. Still delicious, just a different flavor. And feel free to ship out any of the food items, you know, if you need a taste test!

  6. You will love "1000 gifts". My sister and I plus 6 other ladies are doing her book study. Also, Ann has journals entries for every month to help you find the joy in life, even the little things. It is on her website under the Joy Dare (I think). I have been doing her journals since October. Journalling can be so rewarding!

  7. I read One Thousand gifts last year. I think it would definitely go well with your journaling!!!

    We got a lemon tree a couple weeks ago...I really hope I don't kill it because I really want a lot lol

  8. all the girls on our team here in SW Mada are about to start the 1000 gifts book - can't wait - have you found the author's blog? it's AWESOME!

  9. Let me know how Sparkly Green Earrings is. I can't wait to read that one!


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