Have You Ever Seen The Rain...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I can answer that question... uhhh yeah! It's been raining over half of the weekend. But, that's okay, because it's still been a wonderful weekend!

Friday... After work, I came home to cook with the Mr. We had so much fun making a mess in the kitchen, and in the end... we cooked up a pretty delicious meal. Sometimes I really wish there was a secret hidden camera so y'all could see all the fun that we have cooking together.

We got in the bed kinda early, but were awaken early in the morning to rumbles of thunder. We stayed up for about an hour before we crashed again, and then woke up around 9. Here's the best part, 10 glorious hours of sleep. Not in a row, but still 10 hours of sleep is pretty awesome for us!


Saturday... Once we finally got up, I got busy working on the laundry before I headed out to my hair appointment. Sometimes the best therapy a girl can get is a few hours at the salon. And walking out after getting a dye job and three inches cut off, it just makes you feel like a new woman.

While I was gone, the Mr went to the grocery store to buy all the things we needed for our double date later that evening with The Denney's. They were in town for their daughter's dance competition, and afterwards, they came out to the house for dinner and conversation. We always have the best time together, and the laughter is a constant. The Mr cooked filets on the grill, and I cooked twice baked potatoes. We also had salads and rolls. And sadly, after about three and a half hours, it was time to say goodbye. BUT, they promise to come back, son!


Sunday... We decided to spend some time just he and I. We watched a couple of movies... one was Rock of Ages and I must tell you, it was not what the Mr was thinking it was. I'm still laughing at his reaction to this "musical."

There may or may not have been naps during the afternoon while more movies, and other TV shows were on.

And we like to wind down the weekend by having dinner early and relaxing. So I started homemade lasagna around 4:30... but when I got everything out, we were out of lasagna noodles. #failureonmypart But I saw that we had bow tie pasta and penne pasta in the pantry, so I substituted with the penne pasta! End result... we loved it! You can find my recipe by clicking here.

Well, that was our sweet, southern weekend. What did all did y'all do?

Our meal plan for the week includes: crockpot roast, potato soup, grilled chicken, burgers, and spaghetti.


  1. this sounds like the perfect weekend! You look great, as usual! And Terry did the shopping...this IS being a weekly tradition for him :-)

  2. I love double dates! AND twice baked potatoes! I have to say - I laughed. I misread your meals for this week and was like ohh... chicken burgers, I need the recipe. Woops. Time for bed apparently!

    Have a great week my friend...the countdown is ON!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  4. Sometimes the substitution turns out better than the originally planned meal!

    I was thinking of making twice baked potatoes on Sunday.

  5. JoyJoy & Pappa T (gotta get Terry a nick name too) - We had such a blast with you two on Saturday night and words could never express just what a fabulous host you are and the food was A-MAZINGly Delish! We made the dip tonight - Yummy! Love and miss you so bad - looking forward to the next time!
    Hugs & Smiles,
    GG & Cowboy


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