How We Celebrated One Year Of Marriage

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our actual wedding anniversary was Tuesday, March 12th. And since we both worked that day, the Mr came to pick me up for lunch to head to our favorite, McAlister's Deli. (Yes, I realize this isn't anything new because he usually picks me up, and we usually have McAlister's Deli. But hey, why mess with a good thing, right?!)

After work, I arrived home to a beautiful vase full of a dozen red roses. Once I stopped drooling over the roses, we quickly got cleaned up and dressed to head to a new place for our anniversary dinner. We decided on Firebirds since it's kinda close to the house, and it was scrumptious! On the way home, we remember that we never pulled our wedding cake topper out of the freezer to thaw out. So we stopped by Gigi's cupcakes to get us a wedding cake cupcake to share.

The next day, we did pull out our wedding cake topper and enjoyed a few bites. It was still so moist, and tasted just like it did at our wedding reception. And, as I type this, I really want another piece of it, now.

Of course, we did get each other gifts, but we gave them to each other before our actual anniversary. The 1st year theme is paper. So, I got the Mr tickets to the Jerry Seinfeld event which is next week. (He loves Seinfeld!) However, he found them when ticketmaster sent them to me through the mail. #oops And he got me an anniversary journal/scrapbook that has a different page for fifty anniversaries. This way, I can write what we did each anniversary, put keepsakes from that celebration, and a photo of us for each year. #howcoolisthat

Our big celebration was going to Chattanooga, TN for the weekend. We had such a great time, just the two of us. And I'll have a blog post on all the fun we had on our one year anniversary trip weekend getaway, tomorrow! And in case y'all don't follow me on instagram... well, we saw penguins!!! And they'll be all over the blog tomorrow! =)


  1. I loved all the photos you posted on Instagram of your weekend! Happy HAPPY anniversary, Joy & Terry! Here's to many more!!!

  2. An anniversary journal?!?!?! LOVE IT!!!! I need to know where he got that! I'll be about three years behind but it'll still be good for the next 47 :)

  3. An anniversary journal?!?!?! LOVE IT!!!! I need to know where he got that! I'll be about three years behind but it'll still be good for the next 47 :)

    Yes I wrote this twice. Was logged into the wrong gmail account the first time and wanted to make sure you knew it was me :)

  4. So much fun! Tony and I started planning our trip last night! I love the idea for journaling each year. I want to do that :)

  5. He did a great job with the gift! So did you, but for a guy - he did amazing! I am glad you had wonderful anniversary! Can't wait to here about the weekend trip!

  6. Love the journal idea! Can't wait to read about your trip tomorrow. :)

  7. Fun! I love tat you kept with the traditional wedding gifts. The journal sounds perfect for you. Your own "notebook." Hope you are having a good week!

  8. Love your wedding cake topper! I can't wait to do this!

  9. Ok we really are sisters! Phil loves Seinfeld and we watch it all.the.time. lol

    I think Terry gave you such a sweet and memorable gift. I think I would like one of those too lol

    I don't know what you did to preserve your cake but it is still so pretty! Ours looked like a turkey sat on it for a year in the freezer :-)


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