Sometimes you just have to shake your head...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

and VENT!

Ever read something, see something, or think of something that just makes you shake your head in disbelief? Well, that's what this post is all about... And some of these might offend some, but hey, it's my blog, and I'll blog about it if I want to!

Chewing with your mouth open... I just don't get it. Why do people do this?! Who taught you to be obnoxious when you eat? Stop it! Seriously, stop it! And this is adults and children alike!

Blog Hops... Hey, before y'all start throwing darts at me, just listen. I love a good ole blog hop. I enjoy finding new bloggers to follow. What I don't love is that I actually "follow the rules" and it seems that a lot of bloggers do not. Oh, and when the person(s) who are hosting the blog hop doesn't follow you after they've just told you that you have to follow them to participate in the blog hop... yeah, why would I help promote your blog hop on my blog or on twitter when you don't even follow your participates? ***Note, this isn't all blog hops, just a few.***

Blog Posts...  that ALWAYS have a giveaway listed, but you've got to like and follow umpteen thousand people before you even really have a chance to win. Well, let me tell you.... #aintnobodygottimeforthat. I'll enter, and do the ones I already follow, but that's it! Some of us work, and while your giveaway looks wonderful, and I'd love to win... I really don't have time to go follow and like all 20+ bloggers. OH and the fact that I don't Facebook.

However, I will tell y'all that I'll have a giveaway on the blog Friday, and gasp, if you truly follow and read my blog, you'll have no issue with how to enter. Why? Because y'all already follow ME, comment on MY posts, and tweet ME. So there you have it. Easy peasy! Why can't they all be like that? #sigh...
Drivers who annoy me... I'm talking about the ones who deliberately make morning and afternoon commutes a living nightmare. The ones who get outta line to go up to the front where we are all trying to get on at the interstate and beg to be let in. No more! Mrs Nice has left the building, or vehicle I should say. I refuse to let anyone in anymore. You can wait like the rest of us do. I don't even care if I know you.... cause believe me, if I know you, you'll hear from me later. Learn patience and sit like the rest of us, cause this traffic thing happens every single day.

Boy, I feel better!
Anyone else have anything they need to vent today?!
Feel free to let loose in the comment section below!


  1. The blog hop thing. I only go to hops that are easy. One person to follow, maybe a couple. One I do (Walkabout Wednesday) is easy because I already follower all the bloggers (4 of them) who run it.
    I refuse to follow 11 people I probably won't read, just to get potential traffic from a hop.

  2. I can do without all blog giveaways. I read a blog because I like the blogger. I find myself unfollowing bloggers who are always doing blog giveaways. Don't even get me started on raftercopter (i think that is what its called). So annoying!

  3. Girl I am so with you! Especially on the whole giveaway thing. I am not going to waste time following umpteen thousand people that I will probable NEVER interact with... no way. And not chewing with your mouth closed, gross.

  4. Amen to all of the above :) Sometimes we just have to let it all out! Life isn't always fine and dandy so why does our blog have to be? HOpe you're getting SO EXCITED about your trip to Houston!

  5. Wow. So about the blog posts. I was recently asked why I have been blogging for so long and have almost no followers. I need to do giveaways, blog hops, ect. I hate them just like you do. I want readers - NOT a number on my sidebar. And from the above comments - we aren't alone.

    PS - I HATE when my Twitter feed is full of "go enter to win.."

  6. YES!! on the blog hop thing especially - I see blog hops all the time with rules and it ticks me off because they dont even comment or go see your blog when like you said, they just told you that you have to follow them!

  7. I just have to say.. Chewing with your mouth open is my biggest peeve. Ever.

    And the blog hop thing? I've accidentally done that but I'm a new blogger ad I blame that. ;) I've finally learned all the rules and etiquette and I think I'm up to snuff!

  8. Thanks for saying what we are all thinking about blog hops! I am new to blogging and don't have many followers, yet to do a blog hop/link up I have to follow 4 people that are hosting the blog? I am sorry. I agree with Jessica K and you. Let's have a little reciprocation and spread the love around.

  9. I completely agree about the blog hops! They need to quit making them a day job to enter them. I can't wait till your giveaway.. Maybe I'll be 2 for 2 on winning! :)

  10. I don't really get what a blog hop is, so I never do them... A link up is different from a blog hop, right? Also YES to the giveaways thing!

  11. Wonderful post! I can totally relate and I, too, am frustrated with too many giveaways and following a bajillion people and blog hops where you're required to follow people, and it's not just like 2 people who are co-hosting, it's like 5 hosts and 8 co-hosts and it's crazy! Thanks for sharing your opinions!

  12. Yes yes yes. I love a good giveaway but good lord when the list opens up and there are eleventy billion, no thank you.

    Hurrah for a Friday giveaway!

  13. when i was dating it was such a turn off if the guy chewed with his mouth open, i mean i couldn't stop fixating on it. the follow the rules of blog hops are why i don't really participate, especially if the blogger comes back and tells me i didn't follow the rules or post up their button

  14. This has be rolling! I hate "mouth sounds" I don't want to hear what is in your mouth. EVER! and haha that Sweet Brown reference is the best lol


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