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Friday, March 8, 2013

HELLOOOOOOO Friday! Even though I thought yesterday was Friday, ALL. DAY. LONG... I'm still happy that it really is Friday, today! WHOO HOO! So excited about a weekend full of friends, fun, and did I mention, friends?! Yep... I'm excited for tomorrow, but let's enjoy this day to the fullest, shall we?!

the Sowell life

the Sowell life's Friday five...

1) {McAlisters Deli} By now I think y'all have come to realize just how much we love McAlisters. It's my favorite sandwich place, ever. You can get a little bit of any and everything. And, btw, their honey mustard rocks my socks off! We eat at our local location at least once a week for lunch. And, the lady who takes our order now knows it by heart, and always makes sure she adds extra honey mustard to our order. OH, and because it's such a small world... the manager is from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. #howcoolisthat

2) {A month of celebrating} I love getting texts from the Mr, especially when they include a sweet a message and a surprise. #itsthelittlethingsthatilove

So, of course, I chose Johnny Rays and enjoyed their BBQ chicken nachos... YUM. He had their wings. 

3) {Time for Another Blate} I'm so excited to be hosting our second blate tomorrow. Hosting is one of my favorite things to do, and I have eight girls coming over tomorrow. The Mr has been great helping me get ready for the event. Just have a few more things to finish up and I'll be ready to open the door. YAY!! 

4) {Trying New Places} Last night, after we did some shopping, we decided to try out a new to us Mexican restaurant. And, sometimes you find great places, and then sometimes you realize that will be the only time you ever eat there. The food was just bland, and once you've had the best Mexican food (like San Marcos in Meridian) you know when it's time to mark a place off your list. Oh, and when the Mr saw the rice... he knew something was up. HA!

5) {Our Special Delivery} We ordered some lawn furniture for the screened in back porch a few weeks ago, and it was delivered yesterday! Stupid me thought it was coming put together... but, hey, at least we got free delivery. Ha. The Mr plans to put the table together tomorrow afternoon! Yay! ***Sorry for the bad picture, it was a bit dark when we got home last night. But at least you get a look at the chairs. And I'll have more pictures later when we get it all set up.***

Well, that's the Sowell life's #theFridayfive... ready to link up?! I can't wait to see what y'all are posting today!


  1. All this food is making me HUNGRY!!!! Except, yeah, what the heck is up with the Mr's rice? Peas? In mexican red rice? No bueno. The chairs are great, love the cushions! Happy weekend, Joy <3

  2. McAlisters is my ABSOLUTE favorite!!!! I love their sweet tea and I always get their chicken tortilla soup which has ruined me for any other type of chicken tortilla soup because honey, it doesn't get any better than that! They have great sandwiches too! I wish I could be at the blate tomorrow, but I don't think I'll be able to make it, but I promise, 100% (unless something unforseeable happens) that I will be at the one in April! :) I'm going to miss you ladies sooo much! I really do feel tears dripping down my heart! Have fun and share lots of pictures!

  3. Beautiful furniture! I can't wait to see the entire set put together (and just in time for your blate too!!!). Can I just say, that I'm soooo envious that I can't come tmw!!! Seriously, green with envy!

    Maybe when you're in Houston we can grab some authentic tex mex?

  4. I love hosting too!

    Congrats on the new furniture. I am SO BAD at putting things together.

  5. Ah! McAlisters is my favorite too! I eat it at least once a week and I am OBSESSED with their honey mustard! I crave it, it's that bad!

    So, I hope y'all have a blast at your Blate! Hate I can't be there!

  6. I cannot wait to see more pictures and hear about the second Blate! And I'm like your Hubs. I judge Mexican places on two things - green sauce and the rice. Peas and carrots do not belong in Spanish rice.

    Happy Friday!

  7. My sister used to work at McAlister's when she was in high school. She loves that place so much! They do have some super awesome honey mustard! Can't wait til tomorrow!!!

  8. I haven't been to McAlisters in years, but it is so good! I need to get back there.

    Have fun with your blate!!

    Happy pre-anniversary! How fun. :)


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