Tuesday, March 19, 2013

.... I was going to post about how we celebrated our one year anniversary. However, I haven't even started on it. #fail

.... I didn't want to get up, and would rather go back to bed, even now.

.... I realized how much I love going out of town, but hate coming back to being behind at work, house chores, and with the blog. #sorryguys

.... I remembered how much I love that it's Spring Break around these parts... cause there's no traffic y'all!

.... I'm thankful I have a career, however a four day work week would make me even more thankful.

.... I'm daydreaming about my future blate with Darbs and Jessica.

.... I just wanna nap... seriously, I think I'm going to have to go back to caffeine!

.... I will take a break from life, and enjoy Dance Moms tonight. #everythingelsecanwait

.... I'm gonna take a deep breath and realize I'm just one person, and am not a miracle worker.

.... I will enjoy every moment this sweet life has to offer, cause too many take it all for granted.

And tomorrow, I promise I'll try to have our anniversary recap on the blog!


  1. I feel ya. I posted a recipe today because I was like ehhhh I kinda wanna stay home and sleep! Career, how do you figure out what you want to be when you grow up? I am contemplating that one again today. I hope you have fun on your blate with your TX friends! (Maybe not too much though, and make your AL friends jealous, OK?) And I am on cuteness overload with all the MD tweets! She is just too cute!!!

  2. Sounds like your super busy AND exhausted! Hang in there girl; you are A-MAZ-ING!

  3. I hate being behind too when I return.

    Relax tonight!

  4. I hate being behind when I come back too! I am actually in the airport on my way back now. :) Can't wait to get home and see my baby but am not looking forward to laundry or lesson plans :)

    Enjoy Dance Moms!

  5. First off - watching Dance Moms will automatically make your day/week better. I mean, can't we all be thankful for not having Abby as a boss? Whew. I know I am.

    About the blogging - the posts will still be here. And how fun it will be to relive all the excitement from the getaway, next week? We can wait. And you get double the pleasure, double fun, doublemint,...I'm sorry. Got distracted.

    Take a breath. Refill McAlister's Sweet Tea. Maybe have some Husband's Delight. RELAX!

  6. Joy, I hear ya! I too enjoy packing and traveling and going out of town, but man is my life a HOTT MESS at the moment because I feel like all I've done over the past month is travel for work and personal. I'm living out of a bag (at my apartment), I have mounds of laundry and dishes and crap is just EVERYWHERE! And I'm leaving again on Thursday... oh save me! Hopefully we will all be back in the swing of things soon! :)


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