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Monday, March 25, 2013

Today's topic is pretty deep... are you ready for this?

My girls, Kalyn and Lauren, host a link up every Monday called "Coffee and Conversation" and today's topic is...

What would you regret not fully doing, being, or having in your life? ?

Coffee & Conversation

Okay, first I'll like to say that I don't care who you are, there is at least once thing in your life that you regret doing. We shouldn't have regrets, but we all do. Thankfully, we grow wiser with age and learn from those things that we regret. Sometimes there is no way of making those regrets right again, but it's how you choose to move forward that makes you a better person today.

There's a few things I would regret in my life if I never had them...

• Having a relationship with Jesus Christ... First, if you don't have this relationship I'm about to speak about... email me and ask me how you, too, can be in a relationship with Him. I know not all share my views on religion, and I'm okay with that. But, I can also tell you I'm not ashamed being a Christian, or being baptist. While we may not have found our home church here in the Ham, I can tell you that you don't have to be inside the church every time it's open to be a Christian. The relationship with Him has to be on a personal level in my book. I can't imagine not having Him to talk to, and being able to bring it all to Him. He alone can give you a certain peace that no one else can, just by talking to Him through prayer. And, how sweet it is to know that when our time on earth is done, we will have a place in heaven with Him. Without a doubt, my life would not be the same without my relationship with Him.

• Being married... Let me just say, that I waited a looong time before I was introduced to the man God made for me. 27 years to be exact. While I watched others get married or be in wonderful relationships, I kept wondering when my time would come. Well, when it happened, when I met the Mr (before he was the Mr), I knew my life would never be the same without him. And, let me clear something up.... a real marriage is not what is portrayed in movies. Yes, marriage is amazing... but it's not always the fairytale. And honestly, why would you want it to be? Life is full of wonderful surprises, and some heartbreaks, and having someone (mine happens to be my better half) to share all those happy and sad moments with... well, it means more that anything in this world. My husband is my best friend. And being married to him is one of the best things that has happened in my life.

• Being active in our families... We consider our families important. I will tell you that the Mr and I are our own little family, and we come first, but we also have two other families that we think are important as well. And that's my mom and dad, and his mom and dad. And on my side, I still have grandparents living. Why would you not want to be a part of their lives? They raised you, and provided for you, and then once you move out, or move away, you just forget about them? In every family there comes a time when one or more of the family members are mad at each other. It's called life, and most of the time family members are so much alike that this is bound to happen. But, a word of advice... GET OVER IT. Life is too short to let something hold you back from being a part of each others lives. Forgive and forget, move forward, move on, nothing in life should keep you from spending time with family.

• Living life to the fullest... I don't do as good of a job at this as I could. But, I do try. It's hard not to keep a grudge when someone hurts you, or you feel that they just "have it out for you" but as my husband who explains it best says, the more you go on with your life, and keep your head up, the more it hurts them because you aren't stooping to their level. Well said, my love, well said! So don't live with the regret of letting someone keep you from living your life to the fullest. 


  1. Love this post, especially about marriage not being a fairytale. There are good and bad days, but in the end every day is with the person you're spending forever with, and that can't be too bad.

  2. This is a great topic. I agree with basically everything you said here- I would regret not doing/having family, my marriage, and my faith.

  3. Love it! My relationship with God is very important too! Hope y'all find a church home SOON!

  4. I completely agree with you. All these things are things I would regret if I didn't have them in my life as well. It's wonderful to realize how blessed we are.

  5. Wow. Amazing post. Nailed it on the marriage part. People forget. They see something on TV and want that. Movies don't show the messy parts, unless its The Break Up, but they weren't married...
    Your relationship with Jesus is very inspiring. I love to read your tweets, scripture posts, everything. You make it fit into everyday. You help make sense of things. I love you for that! You teach and show me a lot.
    I would totally regret not having Joy in my life! You are amazing!

  6. Love this post... I totally agree with you about family. It makes me so sad when people hold grudges and it ruins families. That is going on in one part of my family right now and I can't stand it. Life is way too short!!

  7. love this! living life to the fullest is a daily task that we need to be reminded of :)


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