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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I don't know about y'all but this week seems to have dragged by. Sometimes I think when we have a day off, whether it be for vacation or a holiday, the rest of the week just seems to crawl along.

Monday  (Monday's blog post found hereI had the day off. And I L O V E D every minute of it. The Mr and I slept til 7 since my flight didn't arrive back in the Ham until late Sunday night. But we were up and at em, ready for the day after 7. After he left for work, I got busy taking care of the laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms. Sometime after lunch, I decided to head out and hit the post office, the bank and grocery shop. Now, let's just say that I've only been to the post office a hand full of times since we have lived here, and the bank twice. The Mr usually handles all of this for me. =) But it was so nice to get out and do those things. Silly? Maybe. And grocery shopping.... ahhhh, there was NO ONE in there but about two other shoppers and the employees. #heavenly However, I did notice the same song playing over and over again. And once I walked up to check out, I was asked by the associate if I would like to donate to March of Dimes. ***Note, I fully understand the amount of money we would have already shelled out for our angel baby if he or she was still in my belly, so I had NO problem donating.*** She said for every $3.00 donated, they could change the song. So I happily donated $10 so they could change the song at least three more times after I left. =) Once I arrive home, I enjoyed a little more time straightening up before the Mr came home. And it was so nice not feeling like I had so much to do from 5-8. It was a relaxing evening, and I've decided I need at least one day off a month during the week so I can have a day like Monday!

Tuesday — (Tuesday's blog post found here) It was back to work. UGH! I know, I know. But I do enjoy working. Staying home every once in a while is a blessing, however, I was never meant to stay home full time. Kids or no kids, I would be bored out of my mind. Plus, I figure if you have a talent, you should use it. And my talent happens to be marketing, and I'm utilizing my talent. Anyway, the day was busy making up for the two days that I was off. The Mr and I had my favorite for lunch... McAlisters, and later that evening we enjoyed filets and baked potatoes from our grill. #soyummy

Wednesday — (Wednesday's blog post found here) Another day at the office, another day trying to play catch up. Makes you question was it even being off for those few days... but, I wouldn't have traded for the world. We also had Chick-Fil-A for lunch which always makes me a happy camper. And for dinner I tried something new and different that I found in our grocery store, but originally heard from Plain Chicken. The verdict... D E L I C I O U S!

Thursday — (Thursday's blog post found here) Yuck would be the word to describe the weather. I think we were all on edge most of the day wondering what was going to happen when it got here. All of the area schools got out early, and we even got to leave work early. In the end, the weather wasn't as bad as it was in my home state of Mississippi, but at least we had a decent amount of rain to wash that nasty pollen away! Oh, and for dinner we tried a new pizza place in town that delivers. We have this hate/love relationship with pizza. We love it, but sometimes it doesn't love us, or we don't love the flavor. So we decided to try Buck's Pizza. In the end, it looked and smelt great, and the cheese sticks were yummy, however, their sauce was not for me. I didn't like the flavor, and ended up not eating any of the pizza because of it. =( So, we move on to the next place to see what our taste buds tell us about it!

Friday — (Friday's blog post found here) OH Friday... wonderful, glorious Friday! Even though you decided to make the day twice as long as it should have been... at least it was Friday. And we all were completely worthless at work. It was beautiful outside, and we all just daydreamed about playing outside. After work, I came home and waited for the Mr to come home from work so we could go out and do some light shopping and get take out. It was nice to stay out and not worry about getting up early the next day. He had dinner at 8 pm. Maybe the latest ever, but it was so much fun. Of course having AT&T ring our doorbell just as we sat down was NOT appreciated. The rest of the night was spent with me reading, and the Mr watching a movie.

How was your week?!


  1. Sounds like a great week! I need one day a week off too! :)

  2. Ok I have seen the chicken stuff at the store and always been too afraid to try it... I might have to give it a shot now! I can use all the change I can get! Tacos and spaghetti every week get old fast!!

    Glad y'all were okay during the storm!!

  3. That is a really good marketing tactic for the March of Dimes at the grocery store lol

  4. It's so nice to be off and do regular stuff during the week.

    I would've donated $10 too! That's a great way to raise $$.


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