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Thursday, April 4, 2013

I try to do a good job keeping y'all up-to-date on everything, but sometimes I feel that I might leave a few things out. Today, I'm going to play catch up and fill y'all in on somethings.

Living in Alabama
We love living here. It's hard to believe that we've almost been living here for a year. And as crazy as that seems, it really feels like yesterday that we moved. Are there things that we thought would be different once we moved here? Absolutely, but we have adapted very well to our new location. We knew immediately that apartment living wasn't for us, and once we got settled in our new home, we couldn't be happier.

Both of our jobs are going great. The Mr works extremely hard to make sure his customers are happy, and most of the time this requires him working a lot of overtime. I love my hard working man, but he needs some downtime just like everyone else. My job is busier than ever. But I love being busy. I'm taking some much needed time away from the job with a four day weekend. Yes, today is my Friday! #whoop

I still hate rush hour traffic. (Big shocker there!) However, I love working so close to home. And it still baffles me that it takes me 35 minutes to drive my 8 miles to work everyday!! #ridiculous The Mr really doesn't have to deal with it much because he gets to work at 7, and only drives 3 miles to work. #lucky

We love living close to so many wonderful places to shop, however, we rarely go shopping. Publix and CVS seem to be the places we shop the most, with Target coming in as a close contender. We have great places to eat, and try to take advantage of those at least once or twice a week.

Church Home 
We're still struggling here. We've visited quite a few churches, but haven't really found our place yet. We know that we are going to have to make some scarifies in some of the things we want to find our fit, but y'all it's hard. One thing that probably aggravates me more than the Mr is the fact that we have churches all around us, but not one has invited us to come to their church. We've even attended these churches and not had anyone to even speak to us. Really?! This past week, I've had two people ask us to come to church with them. However, one will be at least a 25 -30 minutes drive for us. The other, we attended this past Sunday, and we just didn't feel like it was our church. So the search continues. We are also going to go back to the ones we have already visited to see if we feel differently about those. It's just hard, and if you've moved to a new city, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Adding to our family 
I'm going to lay it all out here for y'all. After having the taste of the wonderful feeling of being pregnant back in the fall, I want it again, badly. We obeyed the dr.'s orders and took it easy to let my body heal by letting two full cycles pass before trying to conceive, again. Well, I just knew we were pregnant about a week ago. I felt it. I felt like I did when I was pregnant before, maybe it was wishful thinking, or maybe I really felt it... but Sunday we found out that we aren't again this month. I hit rock bottom. The pain of wanting something so badly and not having it when I want it... yeah, it's killing me. So we won't have a little Sowell in 2013. And the Mr's response, well, we didn't like that number anyway. (Which is why we both have 2012 vehicles. HA!) We haven't given up on bringing a child into this world, but it's a struggle for me because I want it, now. I feel like my purpose is to not only be a wife, but to also be a mom. And I'm not a very patience person. So we wait. And from now on, we (meaning me) aren't going to stress about it. We are very happy with our marriage, and our sweet southern life. And no matter the if, when, where, and how... we are still going to be happy in our marriage with or without a little one. But y'all, I'm praying so hard that it's with. 

Our New Home 
As you might remember, before we moved into our new home back at the end of August, we did some much needed renovating. Well, we've done a few things since then, but we still have two big projects left. (I say we have three, but the Mr says two!) 1) repainting our screened in deck, adding new flooring to it, and then re-screening it 2) renovating our upstairs guest bath 3) painting a few more rooms throughout the house 

We are in the process of picking out everything we need for the deck, and hope to have it completed by summer. #fingerscrossed I want our upstairs guest bath renovated before we have a baby. Guess we know we have at least 10 months before that needs to be completed. And painting, well, I'm going to have to sweet talk my mom in helping me with this because the Mr hates, and I mean HATES painting. 

Other than that, we buy a few new pieces of furniture for our home here and there. And love how comfortable it is, and not just for us, but for our guests as well. When we bought our home, we knew we wanted it to be big enough to one day fill it with the sweet sound of children and still have room for company. And I'm so happy we have that. 

I'm so blessed to have met some of the sweetest fellow Alabama bloggers. We meet up at least once a month, and I cherish my friendship with them. They have been a great sense of encouragement , and a wealth of knowledge about places to shop, eat and be around these parts. 

And my friends that I've had forever, well, I love them still to the moon and back. No miles can tear us apart. And every chance we get to hang out when were are near each other, we do. We make the best of it by texting, calling, and of course social media like instagram and twitter! =)

I'm super excited to be meeting two of my friends face to face for the first time tomorrow. Did you read that Darby and Jessica? TO-MOR-ROW! #wordscannotexpresshowexcitediam If y'all don't already follow me on instagram, do it. (joyhsowell) Because I'm sure I'll be posting about all the fun I'm having with my Texas sisters!

So did I catch y'all up? Have any questions that you feel like I need to answer?! Let me know!


  1. oh sweetie, just here to offer you a great big (((HUG)))

  2. I moved to a new city after being in the same church for 23 years! I completely understand what you are talking about! And the baby issue... God has a PERFECT plan for y'all! Don't give up!

  3. Hoping so hard for you on the baby front. xoxo.

    I also hope you guys find a church that suits you soon. I grew up Catholic and having no one talk to you in Church was sort of the norm in my parish. I can imagine how it would make you feel less than welcome.

    Four day weekend! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Enjoy!!!

  4. Oh Joy, I had no idea you were struggling in some of these areas. I know that I have had the same trouble with finding a church 'family'. I love you lady and know that God has everything in perfect timing and his time is Always right. If you need anything I am always here, just a call, text or email away. You and the Mr. are in my prayers and I can't wait to see your beautiful self at the next Blate!

  5. Loved getting a good update on your life and I'm so glad you enjoy Alabama. Ever since I was little, I swore I would hate Alabama for the rest of my life (Mainly because I'm from GA and Alabama was always in the way from MS to GA when we would visit family haha and people would always get AL and MS confused, and I knew MS was NOT AL, anyways...) I've recently grown to cherish Alabama because of you sweet ladies! Can't wait to see everyone at the end of the month!! :) Love you, hang in there on the baby front, I'll be praying for you as well and God has a different timing from our own, that's a tough pill to swallow, but if a baby is in your future, it will be at the most perfect time for you and the Mr.

  6. Love you girl! I for one am so glad that you moved to Alabama because now we are both a part of a wonderful group of ladies here! I know how the church search can be. Chris and I had tried several when I moved here, and none made me really feel welcomed and home. There is a church near our house that I have been to once and didn't hate. Perhaps I may try to go back there again and see if I get a warm fuzzy. You and the Mr just enjoy each other, and let God take care of the rest. I know he has great things planned for you!

  7. Traffic is such a nuisance. When I lived in Maryland, it took me over an hour to go 20 miles each way. I do not miss it at all. I can only imagine your frustration with the pregnancy struggles, but I know in my heart a celebration of pregnancy will be in your future. Have fun in Houston!

  8. I'm not going to comment on any of this.............BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT ALL IN PERSON TOMORROW!!!!

  9. I'm going to give my 2 cents on the parent part. You're a christian so you know God has a plan....but honestly, that's a hard pill to swallow. When we want to reproduce, we want it right then. Our plan was to try for baby 2 this fall. Well, through a number of random events, we found out that because of insurance, we can't try until next spring. This devastated me. I wanted to be pregnant in the fall and have the baby next summer. If I get pregnant in the spring, I run into having TWO babies with December birthdays. Not in my plan. Let me tell you though how I'm getting through this. I feel like God has given me peace about it. I know it's His plan, not mine. I keep telling myself that he wants me to get pregnant then because if I did get pregnant before then, something bad may happen. Miscarriage. Down Syndrome. Stillborn. These are all words that are harassing my thoughts daily. I keep telling myself that it's obviously God's plan for us to wait and I'll never truly know why, but maybe, just maybe, he knows my fears of these things and he's making me wait until the perfect time for a new baby to be healthy and happy. Maybe he's making you wait so that you don't have to experience miscarriage again. We'll never know. But that thought keeps me going. Maybe it will for you too. Think of you often on this topic Joy. I hope you find peace soon.

  10. Also, the above comment was from me! Hate when it automatically comes from my other gmail account!!!

  11. So with you on the church thing - been here a little over a year and still no "Church". If I like it then the children's program sucks, or vice versa. BUT we have the opposite problem. We are bombarded with postcards, door hangers for all the churches in the area. I know we will find one, but it also take effort on my part to go to them!!

    You will be an amazing mom. And I hope it is sooner than later for you. Prayers continued!

    Traffic sucks. I have never worked close to home - my longest commute was 58 miles...don't ask how long it took. I wasn't married and didn't have kids - didn't seem to notice too much! OH and gas was cheap then! haha

    TOMORROW TOMORROW! I can't wait for tomorrow - it's only a day away!

    Safe flight!

  12. Eeeee!! So excited for you guys to meet! Can't wait to keep up on Instagram!!

  13. Another great post by the sweet Joy! I'm think about you daily, and can relate to the wanting. Keep hanging on.

    Also, good luck with all those projects and finding a church home. We have been "visiting" a church now for three years, and have been praying about joining soon.

    Have fun this weekend!!!!

  14. Thanks for the update! There's a lot to say, but I will leave it at this: I am jealous that you get to meet up with all your blogger friends once a month! That is so neat. I have been to some STL meet ups, but haven't fit in too well because most of them are fitness or food bloggers. The lifestyle bloggers only come once in a blue moon. :)

    Have so much fun visiting your friends!

  15. Getting pregnant when you want to be can be so hard and so frustrating. And disheartening. And lonely. But, you got pregnant before and you can and will again! It took us a year of trying to get pregnant with our first. When I had all but given up, and stopped stressing so hard, that's when it happened. I had resigned myself to the fact I was going to have to go to a fertility Dr to find out what was wrong with me, and less than a month later I got those two pink lines. Try your best not to stress too much. I know it's so much easier said than done, but you will get your little Sowell!

  16. I love this post and getting a good update on your life. I'll be praying for you guys and I hope you're having a blast in Houston!!!

  17. I really want to start blogging but I have no clue where to start. Love reading your posts. As far as becoming a mom. The more you want it, the more your body gets stressed. When you least expect it, it will happen. Miss you dearly.


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