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Thursday, April 25, 2013

I must confess that I really just want to crawl back in the bed. I'm ecstatic that it's not Monday, but I really, really wish it was Friday.

I must confess that I'm addicted to music. Seriously, LOVE music. And the highlight of my morning or evening commute is hearing my favorite song and singing it at the top of my lungs. Yes, I might look crazy, but I don't care! Oh, and I tend to do little dance moves in my seat. The best part is the Mr just shakes his head at me. LOL

I must confess that I secretly love reading raunchy books. Yep, I said it. You'd think I'd be ashamed of it, but I'm not. I love a good read with a good plot. And it just so happens that these same books have some rather graphic love scenes. Some more than others, of course. And I'm not the only one who enjoys them. Some of my co-workers read them, and a lot of my friends do, too. That's where I get some of the titles from. Ha! And we aren't freaks of nature, nope, we are just your average southern female who turns beat red when we start talking about the chapters during work. What's even funnier, is that most of the guys join in because their wives are reading them, too. I kid you not! So if you want to know what I've read, or what I'm going to hopefully read in the future... just friend me on goodreads.

I must confess that I really love doing laundry. Some people hate it, but it always makes me feel happy. Not that I want to do laundry every day, but I do love having empty hampers in the house. Nothing gives me more anxiety than seeing piles and piles of dirty laundry.

I must confess that I shave my legs every. single. day. I can't get in the bed without clean shaven legs. I'll even get in the shower or bath tub just to shave my legs if I've showered earlier in the day. I just don't like prickly legs!

Well guys, the good news is tomorrow IS Friday! And as always, I'll have the Friday five live tomorrow morning. Be sure to spread the word, and link up! It's always so much fun seeing everyone's favorites from the week! Y'all have a great Thursday!!


  1. Love your confessions...and I agree, I do love a raunchy book.

  2. Thinking on my Friday post to link up!

    I don't like putting laundry away, but I like when it's all DONE.

  3. Oh gosh I go weeks without shaving but then I have to wear pants to bed haha. I also LOVE music and doing laundry!

  4. Love it!

    I used to hate raunchy books...then I read Fifty Shades and while the writing is horrible, it was fun read. I blew through all three of them. And I'm not sorry.

    I LOATHE laundry. As a matter of fact, everything we own is clean right now, but it's all piled in baskets waiting to be folded...eventually.

    Chris WISHES I shaved every day. I usually can't go more than two or three days though. Once it hits the point it starts getting soft I start getting itchy, lol.

  5. This post cracks me up. Laundry and dishes give me anxiety! I am going to be honest, this week has been a total drag...I am not sure that I will have 5 awesome things for tomorrow?! I better start thinking now!

  6. Girl! You shave everyday? Wonder woman are you?

  7. The shaving - oh man. I'm the opposite. My mom taught all of us to shave everyday. And when I would questions why - "What if you get in an accident. What will the paramedic think" I always had pretty funny responses...but Props to you girl. I'm sure the hubs really loves that! :)


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