Darby and Joy Do Houston — Part 1

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In case you didn't know from all the posts, tweets, and instagram pics... I went to Houston over the weekend to meet Darby. We've known each other for over two years. And while our friendship started in blog land, our bond only got stronger through real life. We've shared more than most friends do in a lifetime in our short two years of friendship. And meeting her, face to face, was definitely in the top 10 of my bucket list!

Friday morning came early, and I mean REAL early. I only got 2.5 hours of sleep before my 4:15 alarm. Not because I wasn't in the bed at 10 the night before, I believe it was just my nerves of the upcoming flight, and the excitement of the upcoming day!!

My flight left at 6:25 that morning, and was suppose to land at 8:15 in Houston. Of course, we actually left on time, but we landed 20 minutes early. And when we took off it was dark and rainy, and when we landed, it was the beginning of a beautiful day!

Once I landed, I got butterflies. I couldn't believe that in a few minutes I would be hugging Darby! And y'all, when she came around the corner while I was waiting on my luggage, we instantly connected! It's like we had been best friends since birth! Of course now, we are officially sisters!

Houston traffic is crazy. And I'm not even kidding. I've never seen so many lanes of traffic and exits and noodles... but she knew how to weave in and out and got us to our destination without any danger. ;)

We got to her home a to unload my luggage (and yes I had three bags ***including carry ons*** for the three day weekend) and for me to meet the pups! Y'all, they are PRECIOUS! And their little personalities are hilarious. She does a perfect job depicting their little characters on her blog.

We sat down and had a big girl conversation that we've been wanting to have for a long time. There were laughs, tears, hugs, and more tears. But, I know I felt a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders just talking to her about life, the past and the future.

After our girl talk, we took off to her job. Dr. Hawley showed me around her school, and I even got to hear her lecture. Oh, and she referenced Dance Moms. Oh, and she's really passionate about the subject she teaches on... the brain. =)

After class, it was time to meet Jessica! We took off to Sweet Paris to enjoy some crepes, and more girl talk! This is where my firsts started... my first time to have a crepe, and my first time to eat nutella!!

And let me say that this little French pastry boutique was too adorable. I loved the colors, and the decor.

But I loved being with these girls, more!!!

Once we said our "see ya laters" we took off back to the Hawley home where I got to meet Darby's Mr! And, play with the pups a little more. And yes, we decided to call it an early night since I had basically been up for 48 hours. So we decided on take out for dinner at Freebirds. Another first for me... I got a chicken quesadilla with cilantro rice, queso, cheese, sour cream and bad ass sauce. My firsts were the rice, queso and bad ass sauce on the quesadilla. It was sooooo good! Oh and here is your first look at my sweet niece and nephew. Don't worry, more on them tomorrow! =)

The pups slept with me (or maybe I should say maybe I slept with them) and we slept hard. Darby and her husband made sure I was comfortable in their home, and I had no problem sleeping. The only thing missing was my Mr.

It was the perfect first day in Houston! More on Saturday and Sunday's adventures in Houston, tomorrow!


  1. I wish you could see me right now! I'm grinning ear to ear!!!! This is a fabulous recap of Friday!!!! I feel like it's Christmas Eve because I can't wait for tomorrow's post!!!!!

  2. I'm so excited that you got to spend a great weekend full of happiness!!

  3. Yayyay! I was waiting on this post! SO glad you guys had such a great time!

  4. awww what a special thing! I'd love to have the chance to meet a friend blogger...it's on my wish list! :)
    And double yay! cause htown is my home town!

  5. So glad you had a wonderful trip. I can't wait to read about the rest!

  6. I love hearing all about your weekend! You girls were amazing, and I had a blast! I have to say though - looking at the picture I laugh. I can remember the little guy saying "1,2,3 *click 1,2,3 *click 1,2,3 *click" I mean seriously?!?! Can I take him everywhere. He knew exactly what to do! :) Can't wait to see pt 2

  7. Sounds like y'all had a blast!! I can't believe you hadn't had nutella before and I'm so glad you have now experienced it....it's soooo good on strawberries!

  8. you two did so much over the weekend i don't know how you packed it all in! i love getting the updates on instagram!! looks like you two had the best time


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