Darby and Joy Do Houston — Part 2

Thursday, April 11, 2013

So if you missed yesterday's post, you'll have to read it by clicking here. It's important to get the full story before moving on to Saturday and Sunday's recap! Also, it's important to tell you why I have named them "Darby and Joy Do Houston" — you see Darby came up with the hashtag #darbyandjoydohouston the night before I arrived in Houston, and we used it all weekend. While I'm sure it never was a trend on twitter, we didn't care cause it meant something to us! =)

Saturday morning, we were slow moving, but we did manage to get dolled up to head out for a wonderful spa morning. However, we did make a quick stop at Starbucks for a little pick-me-up before getting pampered. And y'all, the spa pedicure was unlike anything I've ever experienced. #notevenkidding It was amazing, and lasted about 2.5 hours! Crazy good, and insanely relaxing! I mean, have you ever had a pedicure with limes, and flower petals? I didn't think so! =)

After we were so relaxed that we could not move, and I'm talking they literally almost had to pull me out of the chair, we headed out the door. But not before being asked if we were sisters. And our answer, YES!

Once we left, we headed out for cupcakes and barbecue. Not at the same place, but still it was soooo good! My cupcake was peanut butter and chocolate, and Darby's was german chocolate. I'm pretty sure the pups really enjoyed helping me eat mine. The peanut butter part at least! =)

We relaxed at home for a few minutes before getting ready for my Houston tour with Darby and her Mr.

 They were the perfect tour guides for Houston. So much to see, and a lot to take in. Houston is completely different from Alabama. From car lots to interstates... but I loved seeing it all!

That night for dinner, the Mr took us out on a date to their favorite French bistro... I tried lots of new things there: cured meats, lamb, duck... and lots of different sauces! =) Oh and I had macaroons for the first time, too!

And of course, since we were on a roll with me trying new things... we had gelato for dessert!!

After another full day, we called it an early night, because we had an early morning ahead of us.

The next morning, I awoke to wonderful smells coming out of the Hawley kitchen. Darby out did herself cooking me up a Texas breakfast!

And then it was time for church. I had been looking forward to worshiping with Darby for awhile. We both share the same faith, and it was pure joy to sit next to her in church. Of course, it was possibly the biggest church I had ever been in — Houston's First Baptist Church!

After church, we did some more site seeing, and had lunch. It was a beautiful day in Houston!

And, when you have a beautiful location with a gorgeous waterfall in the background, and two chicks that love photography, what else do you do but have a photo shoot?!

Once we finished our photo shoot, it was time to go grocery shopping. And another first... shopping at an HEB. It's like a mini Walmart but SO SO much nicer! And the meat and vegetable selections were amazing. Why did we grocery shop? Because that evening, I got to cook with Darby in her kitchen. Talk about a dream come true! We love the same type of food, and adore an afternoon in the kitchen. We all three had a huge part in cooking our dinner. Her Mr grilled steaks, she made mashed potatoes with cream cheese, and I made green bean bundles. =) We made a pretty good team!

And all good, wonderful, and amazing things must come to an end, and that evening it was time to say our see ya laters. I got lots of more love from my sweet niece and nephew, and they even came with me to the airport to see me off!

If you haven't been able to tell... I had the best time in Houston visiting the Hawley's. They made me feel so at home, and I loved every minute I was there. Now to plan Darby's trip to Bham.... I can't wait til we are reunited again!!


  1. First, gorgeous tree shots. I love them.

    And the french bistro looks amazing, as does the spa pedi, I was drooling over your pics of that on IG!

    I'm glad you guys got to do everyday things together, like church, and grocery shopping, and making a meal. That is so nice to do with a friend.

  2. Those steaks and green been bundles look amazing! Sounds like such a fun trip!

  3. Seriously! I'm grinning so big right now!!! This was such an amazing weekend and the thoughts have it have helped me through the week. I want to relive it over and over again.

    I started giggling when you said we got cupcakes & BBQ at different places, because I started thinking about mushing them together....what an odd place that would be lol

    Miss you sister!!!

  4. So happy you got to experience HEB. Seriously. Amazing, right? Best part for me - free cookie for kids in bakery. Makes my trip a heck of a lot easier!!

    I love the photo shoot, the trees there are amazing!! :) I'm so glad you got to come! Now I can't want to see #DarbyandJoydoBama


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