I'm the kinda girl who...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

• would rather have lemon in my sweet tea than ice.

• loves pjs, and would wear them out if the Mr would let me.

• sweats... sorry y'all, I may be a southern lady, but this southerner doesn't just glisten, she sweats.

• would rather have her hair played with than a foot rub.

• loves to be loved.

• thinks prayer is important.

• hates coffee, but loves the smell of it.

• can live on diet pepsi as long as it's caffeine free.

• loves to play hostess.

• would rather take a day off to clean and wash clothes, than waste time doing that on the weekend.

• loves to be surprised.

• would rather shop for someone else than herself.

• remembers playing house every time I put a key in the door when I come home.

• loves her husband more and more everyday.

• believes you can never have enough nail polish.

• could spend $$$ in Sephora in just a matter of minutes.

• snorts when laughing at something HILARIOUS.

• thinks blogging and bloggers are the bomb diggity.

• could listen to 80s and 90s music all day and never tire from it.

• loves to cook, but hates to clean up afterwards.

• has been wearing the same perfume for almost 16 years.

• has friends who turned into sisters!

• doesn't love the color pink.

• thinks her mama's cooking is better than your mama's. Ha!

• daydreams throughout the day.

• thinks Donald Duck is the best Disney character, ever.

• asks her husband to grill out all year long.

• has an obsession with making lists, and crossing things off.

• has two planners, and they all have different stuff in them.

• sings in your vehicle at the top of her lungs.

• would love to hang out with Paula Deen or The Pioneer Woman.

• enjoys being a blogger.

• is a reality tv junkie.

• thinks her miniature dachshund is the cutest dachshund, ever.

• loves waking up next to her husband each and every day.

What kind of girl are you?!


  1. I love this post!

    Girl I feel you on the pjs! If I could wear them to work I would! I just love comfy clothes!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Such a cute post! The minute I walk in to our house, I change into my "lounge clothes." And speaking of sweat, that season is around the corner. As excited as I am for nice weather, I am not looking forward to the 90 degree + days that when you walk outside, the heat and humidity hit you in the face like a brick wall!

  3. Love this posts! I agree with so many of these things! Especially agree with the comment about playing with your hair instead of a foot rub, AMEN!

  4. So many similarities! Donald Duck, pajamas, sweating, lists/crossing off, planners, etc etc.

    What is your 16 year scent?

  5. Haha! I am with you on the hair vs. feet. I bribe the Bird a lot to play with my hair - even if it hurts more than it relaxes! I might fight you with the cutest mini doxie...Maybe a tie! :) Love the list! 2 days!

  6. OMG I love this list. Like every single item on here is just perfect and some of the many reasons I love you!!!

  7. oh yes i love my pjs and that is why i am enjoying unemployment because i get to wear my pjs all day long and not feel bad about it
    :-) i do shower every day just in case you were wondering:-) such a great list to get to know you more joy

  8. What a fun post! We have so many similarities!

    I love playing house and normally do my cleaning on Thursdays so I don't clean on the weekends. I would rather wear yoga pants than anything else. I love playing in the dirt and wearing more paint than the object I'm painting!

    Have a great week!

  9. I found myself saying amen to just about everything on your list! Great minds. :)

  10. What perfume is good enough to wear for 16 years? Can't wait to hear.


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