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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hey y'all (mom says I have to use that word cause I'm a southern dachshund) My given name is Marleigh, but you might know me as Marleigh Belle, Mar Belle, MB or my favorite to be called, Marsie Belle. However, my Shannie likes to call me Molly, but I just don't get it.

I'm taking over mom's blog today. She said she didn't mind, so I hope y'all (there's that word again) don't mind either. Mom said she posts picture of me all the time on here for y'all (ahem) to see. And yes, most of the time I don't mind, but I hope she never posts anything embarrassing of me.

A little bit about me... I'm going to be 10 on May 12th! I'm chocolate and tan, and a little pudgy. Mom says I get that from her. I was named Marleigh because my mom thought I looked like a little marble when I was a baby. So she put Marble and her middle name (Leigh) together to come up with my name, Marleigh. And before any of you start to question my name, I made it popular waaay before Marley and Me came out.

I'm a bit spoiled. I might have over 100 toys if you start to count. However, you better not mess with any of them because I just might pout at you. Yes, I play with ALL of them, just not at the same time. My favorite is Humphrey and I love all my little tiny toys. They fit perfectly in my mouth. OH and if you want to get me something for my birthday, please make sure it squeaks. Not that I'm expecting anything. I'm sure my mom and dad, Shannie and Papa will supply more toys and greenies for my big birthday!

Speaking of my Shannie and Papa. I have them wrapped around my little paw. My Shannie will even get up with me early in the morning and feed me turkey. Hmmmm.... turkey. It's my favorite. But I also love jelly beans, and I know where my mommy and daddy keep them at their house.

Shannie doesn't like me to eat a lot of them. And that's when I put on a show with my beggin eyes and my pitiful whine. Hey, it works every. single. time. So why mess with a good thing?

Of course, even though I'm a sweet girl most of the time. I do not like it when someone comes to mess with me while I'm comfortable or sleeping. But even though I make you think I'm going to bite you, have no fear. I'm a little shark with a big overbite. And my teeth don't meet until the very back. Unfortunately, mom said she was going to post a video of me and my attitude when my Shannie was trying to take me to bed last week. Don't let it fool you, I'm as sweet as can be!

Let's see... what else was I going to talk to y'all about? Oh, I love all the nice things y'all say about me. Mom tells me about them sometimes. I don't like to be called a weenie dog, because I'm no weenie. I hate a doorbell, and will tell off a car if it passes by the house. I'm always on the lookout for birds and squirrels. They know they better stay out of my yard! I really love my family, and I shower them with kisses every chance I get. I sometimes even sneak a kiss for my daddy. He doesn't like it, but I do it anyway. Summer might be coming up, but you'll still find me under a blanket. And you better believe I'll get upset with you if my favorite blanket isn't in MY spot!

Well, I guess I better go take a nap. My paws are hurting from all this typing. Time to continue my role as Princess Marsie Belle.

I had fun taking over mom and dad's blog today. And I might just do it again when she's not looking!
Love, MB


  1. This too cute!!! My dogs/four legged family members are quite spoiled as well lol

  2. Oh my goodness, MB you are too cute!!! And those puppy pictures? Too cute I can't handle it!

  3. Love this!!! I need to do one soon from my dogs.

  4. So adorable! I love MB. She is so stinking cute.

  5. Sweet puppy love :)
    Thanks for the update on Ryan. Grace looks so sweet!

  6. Oh my sweet niece MB! I sure do love when you come and take over your mamma's blog. You are such a good pup and I can't wait to give you so many sugars!
    Auntie Darby

  7. Super cute! Mar Belle, you are a fantastic writer, and I hope to hear more from you!

  8. I died! Sorry MB, but you are weenie dog - but it's a good thing! She was a tiny puppy, reminds me of my Lucy who is almost 6!

  9. Marleigh you're so good at typing :) And pouting and begging for jelly beans, that's not very nice.

  10. That was too awesome! How cute are you, MB! You are making me want a doxie even more!!


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