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Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm joining the link up with Kalyn and Lauren over at "Coffee and Conversation" and today's topic is...

What is your best/fondest memory of Easter or Spring Break?

Coffee & Conversation

Ahhh.... Spring Break. I remember those days. And considering that I haven't had a Spring Break in almost 15 years, yeah 15 years.... I'm about to tell you about the simpler life we had during Spring Break back in the day.

I went to a county school, and loved it. As a matter of fact, I graduated with 52 people. And I loved that, too! And Spring Breaks definitely weren't what they are today. Nowadays, people feel like they have to go out of town, or have really big plans. Well, my Spring Breaks were always spent helping mom in the yard raking leaves, burning leaves, and then re-raking leaves. Ha! That was during the day, of course. We would have banana sandwiches for lunch. And at night, we would go to Movie Gallery and rent one nighter movie rentals. And yes, this was also a big deal because we lived 25 minutes from town, y'all! And we usually brought home pizza some of those nights, too!

Of course, we enjoyed sleeping in, and playing with the neighbors during our days. I remember I would rake paths in the leaves like roads for my bike (yes this was waaay before I had a driver's license!) And mom and dad even let me have old keys and I would stick them in the end of my handle bar and pretend like I was cranking my car. Gosh, those were the days!!

It's fun to reminisce about the good ole days. I loved our Spring Breaks, maybe not all the blisters we would get from raking, but it was always fun. And we loved the fact that summer break was never too far away!!


  1. We never had spring break when I was in school (except for college, of course). We had Thursday, Friday and Monday off for Easter, and that was it. We never went anywhere, we were just off.

  2. love, love, love this!! This sounds like springs breaks of my childhood...weren't they the best? I know someone who always makes a big to-do about spring break and tries to out do herself or her in-laws every year and ends up tired, exhausted, frustrated and broke when they come back! I'm so glad that's not me!!! I prefer it simple!
    I love that you mentioned your parents put the keys in your handlebars...when I was little I used to pretend I had blinkers on my handlebars and would use these imaginary blinkers appropriately with each turn..i said, "blinka, blinka, blinka"...trying to imitate the sound of the blinkers in my moms car. those were the good ole days!

  3. Haha! I am with you. I would get excited to watch the morning tv talk shows! HAHAHA! That was our Spring Break! Sleeping in and watching Regis and Barbara Walters!

  4. What a fun post! You must have had a lot of leaves in your backyard. I love that you had quite the imagination. That explains how you are so creative, especially on your writing! I hope you have a safe trip home!

  5. 52 people?! Goodness! I love that you spent breaks with family and just relaxed! So fun to look back :)


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