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Sunday, April 21, 2013

1) Friday night take out from O'Charleys... loaded potato soup and pecan chicken salad.

2) New reading material in the form of magazines — Alabama Style... Southern Living and Birmingham.

3) Saturday morning massage with Nancy... the perfect way to start a Saturday, or any day for that matter!

4) A trip to Lowes, deciding what we need to put on our backyard... weed and feed, and seed.

5) I talked him into a Target trip after Lowes.

6) Went to Target so you know I bought some. Came home to find we had plenty, but now we definitely do.

7) Watched BBQ Pitmasters on TV all afternoon and was craving ribs. So we got our fix from Jim N Nicks.

8) Sunday morning breakfast... pigs in a blanket.

9) The Denali getting it's first bath... it had to be documented.

A pretty low key weekend for us, which is what we love. Next weekend, we have more projects to tackle. Let's face it, there will always been something that needs to be done.

How was your weekend? We hope you and yours have enjoyed it to the fullest!!


  1. What model is your denali? Looks so pretty and clean!

  2. Joy! It was so great getting to spend time with you on Saturday! I'm thankful to have been a part of your weekend!
    See you soon! For lunch or a massage!

  3. I've wanted pigs in a blanket since I saw that pic yesterday!

    I didn't get to yard work this weekend. Back at it next weekend, fingers crossed that the weather is nice.

  4. We were at Lowe's this weekend too looking at grills and lawn mowers. Fun times! Pretty car! Can he come wash mine too?

  5. This looks like the perfect weekend! I love how you documented the Denali's first bath hehe

  6. Nice and relaxing! And a clean car is always a great way to start off a week!


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